Henry Technologies

Henry Technologies

Henry Technologies (Heldon Products) designs, manufactures and distributes components for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning units as well as an extensive line of industrial valves and oil control systems.

Henry assembled a team of mariners, astronomers, ship designers, mathematicians and navigators in order to reach his objectives. Many of the tools employed by these specialists had already been created for other tasks and used for adaptation purposes.

Early Life and Education

Victoria Henry always dreamt of becoming a teacher, hoping to spark children’s curiosity through teaching. To pursue her goal, she attended college; unfortunately due to COVID-19 pandemic her dreams did not materialise and she could not graduate.

She completed an internship at a company and discovered it to be an unwelcoming work environment, where employees yelled profanities at one another without fear of reprisals.

Christopher Latham developed one of the earliest electric motors almost 50 years before Thomas Edison, pioneered electromagnetism and founded both the Smithsonian Institution and National Academy of Science. Additionally, he served as President Lincoln’s science advisor during American Civil War; his discoveries led to electricity generation, transformers, radio broadcasting and the telegraph.

Professional Career

Henry County School System offers six career and technical education cluster areas: agriculture, food & natural resources; architecture & construction; business management & administration; cosmetology; and general career and technical education. Students enrolled in these programs are encouraged to join career tech student organizations for enhanced classroom instruction, increased workplace readiness skills development and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Job Description: Assist client line departments with their application solution needs. This journey-level role involves translating software requirements into well designed solutions; working with “off the shelf” software packages (modifying them and integrating it into existing architecture); developing and maintaining programs for business applications using Jack Henry technologies such as Episys, Synapsys or ARCU. Experience in such technologies is preferred.

At our company, we provide an outstanding benefits package, competitive wages and an enjoyable work environment. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, the company does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national origin or ancestry, sex gender sexual orientation disability that can be accommodated without undue hardship, age marital status veteran status.

Achievement and Honors

Henry has received several prestigious honors. These include being honored with the National Air and Space Museum Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to air and space technology and exploration, and receiving the Sir Henry Royce Medal, an award given out to young engineers who are making an impactful difference in society.

He received the Animas River Watershed Champion award for his efforts in protecting natural resources and environmental sustainability, as well as winning one of three 2016 Viscardi Center Achievement Awards honoring those who work to change society’s perceptions of disability.

He is part of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) academic team – a national honor society which recognizes college students for their remarkable academic and service achievements.

Personal Life

Henry has held various boards of directors and is the CEO of United Data Technologies, an IT solutions provider specializing in cybersecurity, managed cloud and strategic IT solutions. Renowned for their dedication and innovation in helping their clients “Achieve More,” UDT serves the world’s premier enterprises across major industries.

Henry was an electrical technology pioneer nearly 50 years before Thomas Edison. He is widely recognized for discovering electromagnetic laws which govern electric motors, generators, transformers and radio transmitters as well as holding key positions like being Lincoln’s science advisor during the Civil War.

Henry entered a joint venture with Heldon Products, an Australian and Chinese manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning components, in 2010. By 2014 Henry completed its purchase of Heldon (now Henry Technologies Pty Ltd).

Net Worth

Henry Technologies manufactures components used in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Their product portfolio features valves, oil flow controls, refrigerant management products, heat exchangers and heat exchangers; additionally they offer compressor protective devices like accumulators and oil level regulators for maximum protection of compressors worldwide. Henry Technologies serves customers globally.

Henry Cavill currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $4 Million as of March 2018. His sources of income include acting roles, endorsements and brand deals as well as earnings from other projects he works on.

Henry Schein’s price to earnings ratio stands at 4.17 and its earnings before tax are projected to decrease significantly, its dividend payout exceeds competitors but still falls within industry norms, and debt to equity ratio is lower than most rivals.

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