Henry Sildaru

Henry Sildaru and Kelly Sildaru

Henry Sildaru is an internationally-recognized Estonian ski prodigy who won the 2015 Horse Shoe Open skiing competition when she was only eight years old.

She’s also an outstanding competitor on the Dew Tour; both her father, Tonis, and sister Kelly are professional skiers.

Kelly recently appeared on television to accuse her father, Joseph Kelly, of sexually abusing and engaging in financial fraud by forcing her into competitions for financial gain.

Early Life and Education

Sildaru’s older sister Kelly, too, is an accomplished freestyle skier and travels the globe together for training and competitions. Their father Tonis quit his job “four or five years ago” to serve as their full-time coach.

Their captivating performances garnered the interest of top sponsors in the sport, leading to Henry signing with Verbier-based Faction Skis in 2018 after two years of negotiation.

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Achievement and Honors

Kelly Sildaru, born and bred in Estonia’s non-mountainous countryside, has become a rising star in skiing since starting at eight years old. Since then she has become one of the youngest Olympic hopefuls ever!

She earned gold at the 2016 Winter X Games slopestyle competition and has also triumphed at several Dew Tour events. A favorite for Pyeongchang Olympic slopestyle competition in 2018, but was forced to withdraw due to a knee injury, she made headlines worldwide during 2017.

Sildaru chases Finnish style wizard Antti Ollila throughout Ruka Park in Finland in this new boost edit from Faction athletes Sildaru and Antti Ollila, both showing their respective styles for viewers to admire in this short clip that’s sure to entertain.

Personal Life

Kelly Sildaru was born in Tallinn, Estonia to Tonis Sildaru and Lilian Talving and has an identical younger brother Henry who also excels at skiing. Tonis quit his day job so as to support both children in their athletic endeavors.

She quickly rose to fame when she won the Dew Tour slopestyle competition in 2016, at just 13 years old – the youngest contestant at that time.

She has appeared on the television show, Pealtnagija. There, she made claims against her father of domestic violence and financial fraud; however, according to her mother – they both wish for the best for their children; their combined Instagram account now boasts over 20,000 followers.

Net Worth

As a respected American actor, he amassed a modest net worth during his time in the industry. In addition to acting in numerous films, he became well-known for playing villainous Bane in Batman: The Animated Series and Batman: The New Batman Adventures voice acting roles.

He had also appeared in various television programs. Unfortunately, he passed away just days before his 96th birthday – on September 14th 2018.

Kelly Sildaru was his sister. They share a combined Instagram account that boasts over 20,000 followers; Kelly recently accused Tonis of financial fraud and abuse in a February 2021 television interview. Tonis quit his full-time job years prior in order to devote himself solely towards managing their careers, training them regularly while traveling alongside them and taking care of every need that arose during training or travels abroad.

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