Henry Schley

Henry Schley – Frederick City’s Leading Businessman

Henry Schley is one of Frederick City’s best-known and leading businesspeople, operating his lime company successfully for years.

He successfully put down a riot aboard his ship in the Orient and later sent marines to La Union in response to an insurrection there.

Early Life and Education

Henry Schley was born on May 17, 1943 in Georgia and passed away November 5, 1993 in Philadelphia. His body is interred at Rolling Green Memorial Park in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania.

He was educated at Frederick Academy before becoming engaged in manufacturing all varieties of lime from his kilns located a mile east of town on E. South Street. Additionally, he actively promoted community interests via involvement with Carroll Creek Flouring Mills.

Schley and his family lived in an iconic mansion located along Carroll Creek known as the Wayside Inn today – now part of Frederick City Historic District. Schley later enjoyed outdoor recreational pursuits like hunting and fishing as a form of escape.

Professional Career

As with his father and brother, Henry Schley was an influential businessperson in the limestone industry. Alongside William T. Delaplaine, Thomas Schley and George Birely he established Frederick Daily and Weekly News printing company.

Schley’s business flourished quickly and expanded rapidly. Additionally, he was involved in many public services, such as operating Carroll Creek Flouring Mills. Furthermore, he supported Republican politics and was an integral member of his local community.

On July 6, 1904 in New York, United States he married Adele Sturges Schley and they had two sons Henry Jr. and Linwood Schley. Henry passed away on November 19, 1953, aged 75 at his death place and burial place was New York.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Schley was an important member of Frederick’s community. He worked tirelessly to improve its roads and to form its first volunteer company to fight on the Union side during American Civil War; known as Frederick Hussars in Maryland State Militia.

Schley’s commitment to improving the county can be seen through many of his achievements, such as building paved roads. These roadways allow people to travel more easily regardless of the weather and contribute to increasing property values while simultaneously strengthening citizenship in Schley County.

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Personal Life

Henry Schley was an unafraid man of action and took risks without fear. Though he graduated near the bottom of his Annapolis class, Henry proved intelligent enough to learn on his own.

He was a joyful, open-hearted individual who enjoyed children. He could put strangers at ease instantly while being extremely quick and alert – easily handling emergency situations as they arise while also providing helpful strategies in battle.

In 1891, he was sent to Valparaiso to protect American interests during a Chilean rebellion. Through bold actions and strong resolve, his bold actions prevented a full-scale war between Chile and America. Some of his officers criticised him for undertaking such an unduly risky mission, yet he ignored their advice and his mission was successful; eventually returning back home safely.

Net Worth

Henry Schley is an esteemed businessman and actor who has earned himself an exceptional reputation in his fields of endeavour. As co-founder of Dolphin Capital Group he also acts as director for Winder Farms Inc and Dynamic Confections Inc, holding an estimated net worth of around $2 Million.

He has also played multiple television and film roles, which have garnered him much acclaim and appreciation from his followers.

Late September or early October 2012, Woods from TSYS approached Henry with an interest in purchasing NetSpend through a negotiated transaction. Henry informed the NetSpend Board of Directors and it agreed to explore this proposal on October 30, 2012. Id. at 30-31

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