Henry Ortiz

Henry Ortiz

Henry Ortiz is an insurance professional in Boca Raton, Florida with over 14 years of experience. Additionally, he has written multiple books related to social justice issues.

At Fuller Seminary, he fostered an evangelistic culture. One student recalls him arriving for early Saturday seminars looking “bedraggled in an old baggy overcoat”. At heart he was an evangelist.

Early Life and Education

Henry Ortiz hails from Garden City, Kansas where he graduated high school and attended college before earning his law degree. With more than two decades of litigation experience – representing companies in complex cases such as catastrophic injury claims and construction liability claims – Henry Ortiz offers unparalleled representation for any type of client in complex litigation matters.

Lipe Lyons litigation partner Scott Culbertson brings over 15 years of experience to every stage of litigation from discovery to trial. Additionally, he handles personal injury and premises liability cases.

Once graduated from Trinity High (Go Trojans!), Hank began work as a parts runner at a nearby Mercedes dealer. However, his ambition and desire for something greater kept him focused and ultimately moved up the ranks to service tech – becoming an expert on his car brand.

Professional Career

As a two-time World Series champion and holding various career baseball records, he achieved many notable postseason milestones including hitting two walk-off home runs during one playoff season (2004 ALDS and 2007 World Series).

His father and mother instilled in him an appreciation for sports as well as an excellent work ethic to withstand the difficult conditions they endured in Dominican Republic. He still holds onto memories of his late mother dear to his heart; her spirit motivates him towards success.

Henry Ortiz hails from Euless, Texas and graduated from Trinity High School in 2006. Following employment at Tom Thumb grocery stores for some time, when Park Place Motorcars announced they were hiring in Fort Worth he couldn’t hesitate to say yes; and now as Parts Manager of Dallas/Fort Worth location at Park Place Motorcars he is enjoying every aspect of his new career!

Achievement and Honors

Ortiz has served as graduate dean at MIT since 2012 and mentored over 7,000 students from 100+ nations enrolled in 45 degree programs. She possesses a passion for integrative research and transformative pedagogies with the aim of increasing social mobility and impact.

Ortiz serves as faculty adviser for both UF NextGen and CHISPAS and was honored to receive the 2013 Cesar E. Chavez Action and Commitment Award from Florida Education Association (opens in new tab). In 2014 he also earned a Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Award for his work on oral history research.

He is an award-winning Leadership Trainer, Community Organizer, Youth Mentor and Prison Reform Advocate. In addition, he co-founded a non-profit that offers trauma informed emotional intelligence workshops and self-care strategies. Furthermore, he has written several books and is in the process of filming his documentary film project.

Personal Life

Ortiz has published over 200 scientific articles and delivered invited talks in more than 40 countries. She has led large cross-disciplinary research teams involving engineers, scientists, physicians, architects, historians, linguists and civic designers.

She has served on over 50 science advisory boards and expert panels overseeing over $200 Million in research funds, as well as 20 scholarly journals where she served as editorial reviewer.

Ortiz was deeply committed to social justice, writing extensively on topics like the 1920 Ocoee Massacre and activist Stetson Kennedy. Together with Sheila Payne, Ortiz became active with Gainesville-area organizations including Alachua County Labor Coalition and NAACP; their two children attended local school together with extended family. One of Ortiz’s personal goals in life was ending the Curse of the Bambino.

Net Worth

Ortiz takes his personal life very seriously. He places a strong focus on mental wellness, taking time off filming “Jersey Shore” to focus on himself. Additionally, Ortiz is an advocate for cryptocurrency; recently joining forces with crypto platform FTX as an ambassador.

He has played an invaluable role in helping various artists break into the music industry, most notably SWV but also acts such as Shaffer Smith (better known as Ne-Yo), Amerie, Chad Hugo of Neptunes and Wu-Tang Clan.

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