Henry Mcgall

Henry Mcgall

Corey had difficulty following Theo’s orders when it involved harming others; as such, he became reluctantly involved with the Chimera Pack.

Corey’s kindness eventually persuaded him to defect from the pack and join the McCall Pack, while being the sole member that didn’t become darker after having been killed and brought back to life.

Early Life and Education

Mary McGall was born on 1842, in Weston. She married Alexander Webster on 1857; this marriage produced four children: John Mcgall and his three siblings.

Hillsborough County sheriff’s officers arrested two teen siblings last Wednesday for their role in an overnight homicide in Valrico. Henry McGall IV, 18, and Madison McGall (also 18) participated in a drug deal and attempted robbery on Fontana Place, according to a release from Hillsborough County sheriff’s Office.

At Fontana Place and Fontana Drive in Fontana Valley, he began speaking to Madison. According to witness accounts, she agreed to make a drug transaction but then tried robbing him of money before McGall approached from behind with his handgun and shot the victim resulting in his death.

Personal Life

Henry Mcgall is an extremely compassionate individual and always willing to assist his fellow werewolves when they are feeling upset by events in their human lives. Henry also provides comforting counsel when necessary.

On Wednesday night, two teenage siblings were arrested in relation to an overnight homicide in Valrico. According to a press release issued by Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, a victim drove to Fontana Place and began speaking to the victim’s sister before agreeing on a drug deal that ended abruptly when her teen attempted rob him and Henry responded by firing one shot into her driver side window, striking Henry directly in his head and killing her instantly. She attempted driving towards Brandon Regional Hospital but switched seats with another witness so that she could continue her drive; unfortunately she died upon arriving there a short while later.

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