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The Bank violated SS 362(a) by filing and continuing to pursue an UVTA claim. We overturn its denial of attorneys’ fees and remand for further proceedings on an appropriate amount.

Early Life and Education

Henry Koeberer was born in San Francisco, California in 1902, where he grew up alongside his mother, father, and sister. At University of California at Berkeley he earned a bachelor’s degree in history before going on to receive both a master’s in business administration from Stanford Graduate School of Business as well as his doctorate of history from Berkeley.

Northern Pacific Corporation (“Northern”), owned by the Koeberers and their adult son Bryan Koeberer (“Bryan”) borrowed $2.75 million from Bank. As security against its loans and personal guarantees for loans granted, Northern provided security interests over all its personal properties to Bank and personally guaranteed these loans.

Henry plays varsity football at Davis High and plans to participate in club football at Colorado State next year. He deeply cherishes both playing the game and being with his teammates.

Personal Life

He has never been married and remains unmarried, living currently in San Francisco, California with an address of 87 6th Ave as his residence address. Prior to that he resided at 1 Market Plz Ste 1710 as well as PO Box 21 in Mineral, California United States. Known for having strong ties with both family and friends as well as close friendships with Alex J Benward and Alexa W Wood.

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