Henry J Keryakes

Henry J Keryakes

Find more about Henry Keryakes, such as past addresses, relatives and public records. He currently resides at 10014 Black Oak Street Rancho Cucamonga California 91737.

Professor Keryakes is an incredible teacher. He encourages class participation and makes his exams easy to pass if students study from guides provided.

Early Life and Education

Henry J Keryakes was born in Oregon. As a businessman, Henry excels at real estate development, construction and banking – as well as being known for his philanthropy which includes donations to organizations like United Way and Boys and Girls Club of America as well as supporting numerous schools and universities.

He currently resides in Miami, Florida with an estimated net worth of $3 Million and an estimated estimated net worth of $3 Million. He may be associated with R POWER LLC located at 15563 SW 137th Pl in Miami FL 33177-1166 as well as Christine Keryakes, Esmeralda F Keryakes, Hasan F Sweis. Furthermore he may have links to numerous past addresses.

Professional Career

Henry Keryakes has enjoyed immense success as both an entrepreneur and college professor for more than thirty years, working primarily in technology fields such as engineering. Additionally, he has taught business and management courses for fifteen years in higher education; during which time, many of his students have developed their careers while attaining success in various endeavors thanks to him. They often praise his teaching methods citing him as “an incredible professor who encourages participation while never forcing it; his tests are always easy if you follow his provided study guides!”

As of October 2013, Mr. Keryakes resides in Rancho Cucamonga, California with his four children from his one marriage and subsequent separation. He is known by various aliases, including “Henry J Keryakes.” It is suspected he may be associated with R POWER LLC at 15563 SW 137TH PLACE Miami Florida 33177-1166.

Personal Life

Henry Keryakes currently resides in Miami, Florida with his wife Christina and their two children. Our records indicate he has been an active Republican Party member since at least 2005 and also previously worked as a business owner, having founded R POWER LLC located at 15563 SW 137th Pl in Miami.

One student that took his class with his wife raved that “He was an exceptional professor! He encouraged students to participate while not being overbearing; his tests were straightforward and his study guide made everything simpler!.” She went on to say she would recommend his class to anyone because “he is truly an extraordinary individual!”.

Net Worth

Henry Keryakes is an American businessman with an estimated net worth of US$100 million. He founded and serves as President of R POWER LLC in Miami specializing in renewable energy development and acquisition projects in Latin America and North America. Additionally, Henry serves as Chairman of International Green Energy Institute’s board as well as being founder and President of National Association for Environmental Educators. Currently living at 13810 SW 112th St in Miami FL 33186 he can often be found accompanied by Anita Velis Spence, Daysi M Avila Daniel Avelino Beitra Ellen Keryakes Emilio Fagri and Julia Keryakes among others.

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