Henry H012MAW

Henry H012MAW – There’s Nothing Like a Henry Big Boy

Once You Hold a Henry

From the first time you pick one up, the weight of a Henry Big Boy makes its presence known – an over-8-pound gun from American-made company bearing its founder Benjamin Tyler HenryaEUR(tm).

Henry rifle is a modern revolver cartridge lever action rifle featuring an octagonal barrel deep-blued and polished, complete with an adjustable marble semi-buckhorn rear sight.

Achievement and Honors

Chico State’s celebrated “pyrogeographer”, Professor Hankins is widely respected for his expertise in environmental policy and Indigenous fire practices as a tool to prevent catastrophic wildfires. Additionally, he’s an enthusiastic supporter of diversity and inclusion initiatives at Chico State.

Henry Repeating Arms President Anthony Imperato honored eight local heroes at the 2016 NRA Foundation Banquet at Kentucky International Convention Center with tribute rifles as part of a tribute rifle program, honoring Bill Wester, Dylan Dorris, Scott Perkins, Jack Thompson, M.J. Vowell Charles Green Cheryl Benitez Metcalf & Debbie Green for their services to their communities and country.

Personal Life

Personal life refers to all the relationships, interests, beliefs, and experiences which contribute to an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing and fulfillment outside their professional career. It features greater privacy and autonomy than public life, providing space for self-expression as well as creating meaningful personal connections and experiences.

Henry has written for Truthdig and HuffPost on human rights issues and charitable organizations, while also having an avid interest in travel (having lived abroad himself). Additionally, Henry enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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