Henry H012M

The Henry H012M – A Symbol of American Independence

Henry lever guns are truly one-of-a-kind firearms. While I have handled Rossi, Uberti and Winchester models before – all great firearms – nothing compares to picking up one of these Henrys for myself and feeling its solidity when picking it up.

HIVIZ LITEWAVE front sights fit several Henry rifle models and offer a bright sight picture to increase accuracy. They’re easily replaceable and come in green, red and white colors – perfect for every gun owner’s arsenal!

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in the 1700s and raised on a farm. While not particularly well-off or educated, he nevertheless had a strong work ethic and set about making something of himself. One such breakthrough for its time, and which has had an immense effect on firearms technology and history alike was Henry’s rifle; famous for its beautiful brass finish it can often be found featured in historic photographs as an integral symbol of American independence and its place in American history.

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