Henry H003T

Henry H003T Pump Action Rifle

The Henry pump action octagon joins faded jeans, Mom’s apple pie, and a restored ’57 Chevy as iconic symbols of Americana. Featuring an octagonal barrel made of blue metal with 21 short or 15 long cartridges in its tubular magazine – making this gun an essential American icon!

HIVIZ’s front LitePipe sights fit a variety of Henry rifles, offering an exceptionally bright sight picture to enable rapid target acquisition. Furthermore, front and rear sights can easily be swapped out for customized looks.

Early Life and Education

Henry was born in Claremont, New Hampshire into a family that has deep roots in the region going back several generations. His grandfather served as Claremont’s first millwright, helping establish multiple successful paper and textile mills throughout New Hampshire. Henry took this innovation lineage to create one of America’s most beloved rifles: the pump action Henry 22LR rifle is still produced today and known for its superior performance, comfort, durability, as well as its ability to rust and patinate in an entirely unique fashion.

Achievement and Honors

The Henry pump action H003T rifle is an outstanding 22LR shooter. No matter your experience level or knowledge base in firearms, this DVD shows how to disassemble and reassemble this firearm, clean, lubricate and adjust its sights in order to keep it working for years.

Anthony Imperato of Henry Repeating Arms honored local heroes from Kentucky at the 2016 NRA Foundation Banquet by awarding each an American-made Henry tribute rifle as an expression of their appreciation.

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