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Henry recently acquired Fortifiber, which offers residential building envelope systems such as house wrap, building paper and flashing tape. Fortifiber products will join Henry’s existing portfolio which features products like Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute asphalt saturated kraft building paper; Ply Dry WeatherSmart house wrap; as well as self-adhere flashing options including FortiFlash self-adhesive flashing options and mechanical fasteners such as FortiFlash flashing tapes.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Henry was raised by a single mother in New York and dropped out of school due to financial strain, yet always showed great curiosity for science, teaching himself as much as he could on his own. Through reading books related to these interests and developing lifelong learning habits – studying physics, astronomy and mathematics all the while without formal education!

Henry developed a network of volunteer weather observers, providing them with standard forms and instruments. Each month, these volunteers submitted reports via telegraph to the Smithsonian about sky conditions (clear or cloudy skies, snowfall and rainfall), wind speeds and other data points to help predict storms or other weather events. Henry then plotted this information onto an overview map of America so scientists could study and predict them more effectively.

Personal Life

Henry is an enthusiastic outdoorsman who takes great pleasure in hunting, fishing, horseback riding and other outdoor pursuits. Henry loves spending time with his family and friends and credits Kerry as being the source of much needed inspiration in life. Logan, Brooke and Carys all belong to his immediate family who provide constant guidance in his endeavors to become successful individuals.

Henry is an outspoken supporter of environmental causes and educates the public on climate change’s effects. Additionally, he has long been an outspoken critic of fossil fuel industries while advocating for cleaner energy alternatives. Henry has participated in various humanitarian efforts around the globe such as those designed to combat poverty and hunger while providing support to military veterans as well as receiving numerous awards such as five Emmys for meteorological work in Texas.

Net Worth

Henry Cole currently boasts an estimated net worth of 1.5 Million Dollars and makes his living from commercial production and television programming in the entertainment industry. His projects have included Shed and Buried, World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides, Find it Flog It and The Motorbike Show among others. Henry also runs H C A Entertainment Ltd; as an avid motorbike lover he owns Gladstone Motorcycles which produces custom British Motorcycles; although remaining private about much of his personal life including having children both female and male he does have two adult sons as well.

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