Henry Birmingham

Henry Birmingham Joins EAF As a Senior Advisor

Henry brings an impressive combination of insurance experience, public policy acumen, and nonprofit management experience to EAF. A passionate champion for equality in courtroom proceedings and diversity promotion.

He currently represents a wide array of clients in litigation and collegiate sports law matters, from Fortune 500 manufacturers and service providers to NCAA national championship contenders. Additionally, he regularly teaches legal seminars.

Early Life and Education

Birmingham was born in Brooklyn and graduated from medical school at the University of Michigan. He served in both Indian wars and Spanish-American wars before eventually retiring in Washington DC.

He worked various jobs to support his family, such as building roads and working at a rope factory, until eventually saving enough to travel with Clarinda and their children to Australia in search of better living conditions.

At work and home, he prioritized communication in an effort to ensure everyone was on the same page. Additionally, he contributed greatly to his community through charitable activities – volunteering at Audiostate 55 in Woodlawn was just one example – leaving an indelible mark upon it all.

Professional Career

Henry Birmingham brings extensive professional experience from both public and private sectors. As senior advisor to EAF, Henry applies this knowledge in business operations as well as law.

Red Rock Insurance Group in Birmingham, Alabama was established by Jonathan in 2009. Since then, this team of specialists has provided coverage for automobile and home policies alike – becoming a success and expanding into new markets.

Henry entered the insurance industry at an early age. Rather than continuing his studies at college, he decided to drop out and start selling insurance as a means of making ends meet – this allowed him to forge his own path toward success and now boasts an impressive clientele base.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Birmingham is an experienced trial attorney who has successfully represented clients facing federal prosecution. Known for taking on high profile cases with impressive outcomes, his success can be found all across the U.S.

He earned both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Boston College and now lives with his family in Dover-Sherborn. An active community member, he serves on boards for various nonprofits.

Dr. Panion’s work has earned him numerous honors and awards. His music productions earned two Grammys as well as other national honors. Additionally, he founded Audiostate 55 Recording Studios & Entertainment Company as well as Gospel Symphony Collection; performing and conducting with some of the world’s acclaimed orchestras such as Stevie Wonder’s.

Personal Life

Duane Henry came from humble roots and worked tirelessly to break into the entertainment industry. At an early age he decided to leave school and sell insurance while trying to figure out his future plans.

Henry is an effective communicator and litigator with experience representing a range of clients – from Fortune 500 manufacturers and service providers, to NCAA national championship contenders and Heisman Trophy winners – in litigation and sports law matters. Additionally, Henry has extensive trial law experience having conducted multiple state and federal court trials throughout Southeast region.

Henry has extensive experience defending claims involving workers’ compensation, employment law and general civil litigation. Committed to diversity within the courtroom environment and serving on his firm’s Diversity Task Force.

Net worth

Duane Henry currently boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million and continues to expand rapidly due to his acting career. He is best known for playing MI-6 agent Clayton Reeves on NCIS television series.

He has appeared in various films and television series over time, while also owning an insurance agency known as Altasurance as founder and CEO. Altasurance provides expert level assistance for various insurance inquiries.

He enjoys educating himself on various technical aspects of development and invention in his free time, often blogging about such subjects to generate revenue for his business. Furthermore, he enjoys bonding with his 8 year-old daughter over her enthusiasm for tech.

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