Henry Bauman

Henry Bauman

Henry Bauman’s ancestor traveled from Germany and settled beyond the Blue mountains, in what is now Lower Towamensing township in Carbon County.

Farmer was an active member of both the Farmer’s Union and Corn & Soybean Growers organizations as well as being an enthusiastic Democrat – often hosting large picnics on his farm each summer for elected officials and other Democrats in his region.

Early Life and Education

Bauman initially desired a career as a wildlife biologist; however, after working alongside Michael Meyer PhD’89 to examine PCB and dioxin loads in nests of osprey and bald eagles for PCB pollution testing purposes and climbing into their nests with him for testing, his perception changed completely. “This job seemed more fun!” Bauman recalls thinking. “You get to work with people while helping wildlife. ”

Bauman’s most ambitious undertaking was creating a map depicting the siege of Philadelphia. To generate interest for his ambitious undertaking, he printed advertisements soliciting subscriptions in several newspapers; describing his map as an artistic creation meant to give an accurate depiction of this landmark attack on this city.

Professional Career

Bauman is not only an accomplished model; she has written for national and international publications such as Time, People, US Weekly, Vogue Cosmopolitan Town & Country Allure Gotham Elle and Nylon among many others. Additionally, she has appeared on television programs like CBS Day & Date The Home & Family Show Caryl & Marilyn as well as ABC Caryl & Marilyn.

This collection is organized into six series. Awards/Commendations (1987-2005, undated) includes files with materials for Bauman’s awards as well as his curriculum vitae. Publications (1958-2002, undated) provides files pertaining to his various writing projects (although this series is missing some items such as his book “Towards New Perspectives in Folklore”). Finally, Conference Presentations alphabetically by name complete this arrangement.

Achievement and Honors

Col. Bauman commands the 341st Security Forces Group at Fort Eustis in Virginia. His responsibility includes guarding its 15 launch control centers, 150 intercontinental ballistic missiles and 13,800 square mile missile defense region. Additionally, he serves as Cyber Advisor reporting directly to Secretary of Defense on their cybersecurity strategy as well as efforts undertaken to defend weapons systems and critical infrastructure against cyber attack.

Douglas (Deb Hogenson) of Brewster is one of their eight children; Catherine Stoutenburgh from Hopkins and Jeanne Kosovich from Little Falls are also his offspring, along with Mary Bauman from Byron, Lloyd Bauman from Owatonna, Bryce Bauman from Okabena and Kathy Bauman of Westbrook. Lloyd Bauman holds both life membership in the American Legion as well as charter membership of Okabena Rural Letter Carrier’s Association and belongs to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Okabena.

Personal Life

Henry Baumann has been actively engaged in civic affairs, serving as an officer on the Okabena school board and being an active member of American Legion and 4-H clubs in Okabena. Additionally, Henry served on Wisconsin Masters Swim Committee before volunteering on search-and-rescue missions.

Bauman had initially intended to become a wildlife biologist; however, after realizing how scarce and competitive these jobs could be, he switched his career focus and started conservation law enforcement instead. Working closely with environmental enforcement specialists such as Pedersen, Bauman enforces wildlife, fish, and game laws.

John Dieter Bauman, Dennis’ grandfather, immigrated from Germany in 1751 and settled near the Blue Mountains in what is now Lower Towamensing township in Carbon County. Here he engaged in farming, lumbering and hunting & trapping – activities which continue today.

Net worth

He reportedly has an estimated net worth of $4 Million, earned through music, acting and comedy careers as well as hosting several television shows.

Bauman first became famous through his role as Bowzer in Sha Na Na, which gained notoriety following its performance at Woodstock in 1969. This band performed oldies rock & roll songs nostalgically but humorously for crowds at Woodstock; Bauman has also appeared in several television series and movies.

He enjoys golf and fishing as hobbies in his free time, as well as charitable work – leading the Bowzer and Blue Caps Charity Fund and raising money for worthy causes. Based in Hawaii with beautiful property to call his own there, he also shares a passion for art.

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