Henry Barrett

Henry Barrett

Henry Barrett serves as Practice Manager in a mid-sized chartered accountancy practice where he oversees client services to meet financial reporting, administration and company compliance needs of clients. A Kenyon College graduate, Henry is also an accomplished tennis player having achieved top-10 rankedness on both courts professionally.

John was also an accomplished natural history broadcaster and author, most notably of a Collins Pocket Guide to the Seashore as well as numerous papers including studies on birds like the chaffinch and tree sparrow.

Early Life and Education

Henry Barrett was born in King’s Lynn, Norfolk England, and studied Economics and Geography at Cambridge University. At 11, he began working in coal mines where he rose through all grades to be an operator on his own leased land – making a lasting mark on all classes of society as an individual with great integrity and industry. His death will be felt across society and his absence greatly felt by everyone.

His success can be credited to his perseverance and excellent management, leading him to serve on several boards of directors in his business community. Thomas H. Barrett Jr survived him, along with three grandchildren and two nephews with their wives. He attended St Ann’s Catholic Church of Dongan Hills as well as St Sylvester’s Catholic Church of Concord and would often lead walks along the coastal footpath.

Professional Career

Henry Barrett serves as Practice Manager of a mid-sized chartered accounting firm where he oversees client services to meet financial reporting, administration and company compliance needs for companies listed on Dublin Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. With decades of experience reporting IFRS and US GAAP – Henry brings unparalleled expertise.

He played an instrumental role in helping the Wooden Horse escape from Stalag Luft III’s East Compound in 1943, becoming part of a team supporting its release. While imprisoned, he developed an intense interest for birds which he studied extensively; unfortunately his valuable field notes were lost as he was transferred further west during World War 2. Additionally, he spearheaded guided walks programs at Dale Fort and on Pembrokeshire coastal footpath.

Achievement and Honors

Henry Barrett was an internationally acclaimed marathon runner. He competed in many international races and won many medals – breaking James Clark’s world record three months earlier as well as winning London Marathon twice!

He was also an animal conservationist, working alongside J. H. Williams (Elephant Bill). Unfortunately, his adventures came to a close after contracting cerebral malaria and contracting the virus himself.

This collection consists of manuscripts, photographs and other materials related to Henry Barrett’s life. Some material relates to his service with the Royal Air Force while other items can be organized by subject such as records from American Historical Association or Stanford University. Some materials are handwritten; other are printed. Donated by Waldo Leland in 1954.

Personal Life

Henry Barrett is currently studying Christian History at the University of Chicago Divinity School and his research focuses on placing marginalized figures within premodern Christian theology and mysticism history. When not in class or doing his own research he enjoys house music and mountain climbing as hobbies.

He began playing professionally in the minor leagues for teams in Los Angeles, Nashville, Buffalo and Toronto before briefly making an appearance with Boston Braves in 1948 and pitching two complete games and a scoreless ninth inning as part of their National League Championship Series match-up.

He won the National League Pennant with Cincinnati Reds in 1947. Barrett later practiced medicine in New Plymouth where he performed groundbreaking surgery including performing primary repair of an oesophageal atresia with distal tracheo-esophageal fistula, and second and third successful ligations of patent ductus arteriosus.

Net Worth

Henry Barrett was an inspiring individual who pursued his goals, working as a salesperson during the day and singing at piano bars during his free time at night. He showed great love to his family while making life enjoyable for everyone else with his jokes, stunts and unflappable smile.

He is an insider at The Arena Group Holdings Inc and has traded its shares during the past three months, exercising 5,640 units of LRN stock on 20 April 2009 to become more than $128 million wealthier.

Rowena died in 1993, leaving him as the beloved husband and father to Anita Wood of Nebraska; Ronald & Beverly Barrett from Washington; Monte & Heddy Cross from Vicksburg; Cinda Gardner from Oregon with 16 grandchildren and numerous great-grandchildren as well as special friend Dennis Boyle.

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