Henry Andrews

Henry Andrews on the TV Series CSI

Henry Andrews is a lab tech at the Las Vegas Crime Lab specializing in toxicology. He makes his first appearance in Season Five episode Iced.

Through his career, he was an outstanding researcher. This was evident both in his early works and through the publication of Studies in Paleobotany – two classic texts on paleobotanical studies.

Early Life and Education

Henry Andrews was an outstanding educator, researcher, and author who made significant contributions to paleoecological and evolutionary studies as well as being one of the pioneers of North American paleobotany with works such as Ancient Plants and Their Environment (1947) and Studies in Paleobotany (1961).

Throughout his lifetime, Mr. Andrews donated money to numerous civic and charitable groups in Andrews, Texas. A gifted practical gardener with a deep appreciation for nature, Mr. Andrews was self-sufficient with great judgement and self-reliance.

He traveled frequently to distant places in search of fossils. Additionally, he had an adventurous spirit and wasn’t intimidated by any challenge, such as participating in an extremely risky expedition to Greenland’s Long Range Mountains where he became trapped for five days without food in a krummholz bog.

Professional Career

Henry is a lab tech at the Las Vegas Crime Lab who specializes in toxicology analysis. He’s an expert at identifying lethal substances consumed by humans, and has an in-depth understanding of their chemical structures.

FOX Sports employs him as a featured football and baseball reporter, joining FOX NFL play-by-caller Joe Buck and rules analyst Troy Aikman, along with co-hosts Kristina Pink and Mike Pereira to present America’s Game of the Week and Thursday Night Football respectively. Furthermore, she provides feature stories and sideline reports from college football games as well as Major League Baseball contests.

As an inspirational speaker, she promotes moral ideals of integrity, honesty, and responsibility. A two-time national poetry slam champion, she has performed for such notable figures as Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey – to name just two!

Achievement and Honors

Andrews is also an active philanthropist. She supports numerous international charities and organizations; in particular, UNIFEM (which works to empower women living in developing nations). Additionally, Andrews serves as Goodwill Ambassador.

She has received several prestigious accolades during her distinguished career, such as winning both an Academy Award(r) and BAFTA(r). Additionally, she has won various other awards for roles she has taken on both on stage and film.

Honors Committee reviews nomination dossiers to assess their eligibility. Selection decisions are based on merit of nomination and degree to which candidate meets AAG Honor criteria.

Personal Life

Henry was very friendly and enjoyed sharing his knowledge of paleobotany with anyone interested in it. Additionally, he had an adventurous side which came in handy on several exploration trips.

His bravery and self-reliance were put to the test when he found himself trapped inside a krummholz during an expedition with Francis M. Hueber and Andrew E. Kasper after they made an error by leaving their main food supply box behind – leading them to run out of provisions after five days despite all their preparations.

At this point, he formed an unlikely bond with Maulvi Cachalia and both participated in the Defiance Campaign; an act of civil disobedience against six unjust laws. Additionally, his family supported this endeavor while laboratory technicians provided comic relief.

Net Worth

Henry Andrews was a toxicologist on the TV series CSI and played by Jon Wellner. His first appearance came in Iced. Afterward, he became a regular cast member and is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of $3 million.

He has an admirable work ethic, always seeking to sharpen his skills, is compassionate toward family and has participated in charity efforts.

He is unapologetically gay and doesn’t hide it from those he cares for or his wife Esther. He takes great pride in his Liberian heritage and knowledge and boasts an excellent knowledge of its history, as well as an affinity for cooking; not to mention he’s generous with friends.

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