Henry Aldape

Remembering Henry Aldape

He was filled with zest for life and loved being around others. A big kid at heart, he never stopped challenging himself to grow personally and professionally.

Eddie Aldape of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship travels an estimated 300-kilometer roundtrip journey when transporting goods and families between Ukrainian border towns in Slovakia and Slovakia with assistance from CBF’s Ukraine Relief Fund. This money helps make his journey possible.

Early Life and Education

His birth place was in Texas and attended Tascosa High. After graduation in 1986 he started work for BNSF shortly thereafter. He had many hobbies outside and enjoyed anything outdoors; additionally he enjoyed racing fast cars for sheer adrenaline rush.

He was known for having an outsized heart, always lending a helping hand and showing kindness towards others. As a father to three daughters and wife Macarena, he would drop everything just so he could spend quality time with them all. A true legend who lived life to its fullest.

He held an especially special place for those in Banjara community and created temporary community for refugees with his wife. Additionally, he is involved in projects to assist their safety and health.

Professional Career

Henry was always up for a challenge. His passion lay with helping people, and he would do anything he could do help. At heart a big kid at heart he enjoyed every adventure life had to offer as well as cherishing every moment with his family.

Aldape has used some of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s $400,000 raised since Russia invaded Ukraine to help refugees. He rents a van and drives back and forth along the border stopping at churches, hotels, train stations, bus depots and airports along the way – meeting refugees wherever they may be headed before transporting them further afield.

He and Macarena have been working to help the Roma, who have long been discriminated against across Europe, find sanctuary at the border. Together they’re creating an interim community.

Achievement and Honors

He is one of many CBF individuals, churches and state and regional organizations who have contributed to CBF’s Ukraine Relief Fund to aid refugees fleeing Russia’s invasion. Working tirelessly, without regard for time or whether he will make it home at night; driving until his body cannot take anymore before retiring for the night and planning for tomorrow – one day at a time!

David Aldape, a junior guard from Westerville High School in Ohio, qualified to compete in the IHSA Country Companies Three Point Showdown downstate and shot among 32 of the top 3A shooters – scoring 8 made three-pointers to tie for first place! Congratulations David!

Personal Life

Pete loved going on adventures and never said no when something came up that interested him. A child at heart, he enjoyed every aspect of life while helping people along his journey.

He loved God deeply, was an attentive caretaker and generous individual, and put family first above all else. He leaves behind his wife, three daughters and two sisters to mourn his passing.

Aldape rarely knows what time of day it is, yet he remains undistracted by clockwatching. Call it his First Responder instinct or his desire to help, but Aldape continues his work until it is complete, then goes home looking forward to starting it all over again tomorrow thanks to donors like you donating through CBF’s Ukraine Relief Fund – money which allows him to rent vans to transport refugees across borders to hotels, churches, train stations, bus depots or airports.

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