Henri Shushan

Henri Shushan

Henri Shushan of Tamarac and Venyamin Golynkin from Belarus have been charged with illegally exporting $1 Million worth of 23 mm ammunition to Sudan and Iraq, but in their hearing Wednesday told a judge they did not break the law nor intended to harm anyone. Shushan told him during their hearing “never intended any harm” from breaking laws or disobeying orders from authorities.

Shushan states he initiated the idea for Newman and Harris to enter into a transaction, assumed half of their expenses, and managed the deal openly and fairly.

Early Life and Education

Shushan, mentioned in Esther, is located today in modern Iran and may also be identified with ancient Elamite capital Susa – it first appears in written history during early human civilizations.

Henri Shushan currently resides at 72 Calvert Cir, Bunker Hill WV 25413. Before that he lived at 6008 Linden Circle in Tamarac FL 33319 for about six years starting January of 2016.

Shushan and Golynkin met Nov. 15 in Tampa to reportedly discuss business ventures. At that meeting, Shushan was dismayed that Golynkin did not bring money with them, later telling agents that he planned to wire $800,000. At another point during that meeting, Shushan stated he intended on setting up an auto business in the near future.

Professional Career

Henri Shushan, a businessman and current Chief Operating Officer of JHS Group for several months. With vast experience across various areas including finance and accounting as well as different roles within banking he holds a Bachelors in Accountancy degree.

Henri Shushan currently resides at 72 Calvert Cir in Bunker Hill WV 25413, having resided there for an estimated three-year span since he was born there on February 1977.

Henri has an impressive international travel history, having visited Germany, Austria, and Guatemala among many others. Additionally, Henri holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Finance degrees.

Personal Life

Henri Shushan is 46 years old. He and his family reside at 72 Calvert Circle in Bunker Hill West Virginia 25413.

Henri Shushan serves as Chief Operating Officer at Jhs Group and hails from Armenia. With years of experience in business management, Henri brings vast insight to Jhs Group.

Shushan was paid $27,000 by the syndicate for introducing this deal to Newman and Harris and covering half the expenses related to it, according to government allegations that he also engaged in similar deals involving Levee Board bonds.

Golynkin appeared before a court via Russian interpreter and requested to postpone his bond hearing until next week. He denied any wrongdoing and asserted he was innocent of trying to illegally export 23mm anti-aircraft ammunition to Sudan and Iraq.

Net Worth

Henry Shushan is an American businessman and entrepreneur known for establishing numerous companies. According to public records, he currently lives in Florida and his estimated net worth exceeds $600 Million.

Golynkin informed agents that he had been approached in Belarus by Shushan’s client and asked to travel from Belarus to South Florida in order to inspect 23mm ammunition, according to agents. They state the client intended to wire $800,000. Unfortunately, however, their transfer attempt was rejected by an American bank, agents stated.

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