Hariyama Best Moveset

Hariyama – Pokemon Guide – Best Moveset of Hariyama

Hariyama is a good choice for players who want a versatile Pokemon with respectable bulk. He can also serve as an effective check against Ice and Fire types. The attack stat of Hariyama is also very high, making him a good choice for offensive play. Additionally, his offensive presence makes him stand out from similar Fire-resistant Pokemon.

The main weakness of Hariyama’s moveset is that he lacks recovery. This makes it difficult to switch into a defensive Slowking. Also, Hariyama cannot switch into weak Scalds like Vaporeon or Heliolisk. In the event of a switch-in, he’ll be worn out in a matter of turns.

While Hariyama is best when he’s on a defensive team, he’s also capable of checking Fire and Ice-types. He also excels when combined with Grass-types, which can exert pressure on Water-types. A Mega Audino or Vaporeon can help you keep him at a high HP, and Vaporeon can wake him up after he’s rested. Psychic-types can also be dealt with well by Hariyama.

Hariyama has a base experience yield of 184 and a base friendship value of 70. He has powerful openhanded straight-arm punches and practices a variety of slaps. His signature move, Smelling Salts, is also a solid moveset choice, as it deals a lot of damage.

Hariyama’s Fling is a great way to burn opponents and make your SpD more useful. He can also use his Revenge to remove items from opponents. This move is also a good choice for scouting. Another good option is Fake Out, which hits Ghost-types hard and hits them with solid damage. If you have access to a Pokeball, it’s a good idea to equip Toxic Orb or Flame Orb in addition to Fake Out and Fling.

As a Fighting-type, Hariyama is one of the most powerful counters to Bisharp. With his high HP stat, it can also deal a lot of damage with Whirlwind. While this move is not as effective as Focus Blast, it can be useful for fighting a Pokemon with high special defense. If you have access to a Choice Band, you might also consider using Fake Out to avoid Subs.

Hariyama evolves from Makuhita at level 24. He can defeat nearly any Dark or Steel-type Pokemon in the game. In addition, Hariyama’s Snarl and Shadow Ball are the best moves for Darkrai in Gyms and PVP battles, mainly due to their high total DPS.

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