Gwen From 90 Day Fiance

Mother-In-Law Gwen Dufren From 90 Day Fiance

Gwen Dufren is one of the more notable mothers-in-law in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. She has been known to do some great things for her family, but she has also made some unfortunate mistakes in the past. But as the years have gone by, she has come into her own and gained fans as well as awards.

When Yara Zaya met her new mother-in-law on 90 Day Fiance, there was a little bit of a disagreement. Yara thought that she was being overbearing and that she was trying to control her. Luckily, she ended up being corrected and eventually redeemed herself.

On one episode of 90 Day Fiance, Yara and Jovi were invited to spend the night with Gwen in her home. They were a little bit out of place. After all, Yara had just moved from Ukraine to the U.S. With a busy schedule, she didn’t think it would be a good idea. However, Gwen ended up agreeing.

It was a good time for Yara and Jovi, but there were some minor issues. At one point, Jovi was annoyed that her mom hadn’t been seen in a while. Then, there was the prank she pulled. While Yara didn’t know what the prank was, her mother did. Apparently, she had stuffed a shampoo bottle with purple dye. This was an incredibly evil genius prank.

Eventually, Yara and Jovi had a blowout with their mother. Yara claimed that she wasn’t making enough time for her, and she was a little annoyed at the way her mother-in-law had treated her. As a result, Yara asked her to leave her house. Later, Yara showed her mother-in-law the video of herself dancing with Gwen.

During the episode, Gwen’s house was in disarray. Not only was her home destroyed, but she had no electricity and running water, too. Her husband has been helping people in need in the area.

Despite her shortcomings as a mother-in-law, Gwen has become a favorite of many viewers. She’s also a smart woman who knows how to make a great meal for her family. In fact, fans love to see her at family cookouts.

Yara and Jovi may have had an out of control fight with their mother-in-law, but she and her mother-in-law seem to have redeemed themselves. Both of them have vowed to take a good look at their relationship. There are even signs that Gwen and her husband are trying to help her.

Some fans have wondered if the couple is taking advantage of their relationship with their mother-in-law. Others have found it entertaining to watch the war of words. Whether or not Yara and Jovi are really being reasonable is anyone’s guess. A few have suggested that the couple should hire a nanny, but Yara and Jovi have steadfastly refused.

Until the couple learns to get along, though, the battles will continue. The series returns to TLC in December for season eight. Look for more new couples and familiar faces.

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