Gutter Jack

What is a Gutter Jack?

Gutter jacks are mechanical devices temporarily attached to fascia boards that support and facilitate easy adjustment of rain gutter slope during installation. Adjustment can be accomplished by loosening or tightening wing nuts.

Installing rain gutters typically requires two people working together on an installation ladder while holding one end of the gutter in order to create the necessary slope. Unfortunately, this poses a very dangerous installation process.

Net Worth

Simply defined, net worth refers to everything you own minus everything you owe. Knowing your net worth helps you assess and plan for your financial health as well as motivate savings efforts by holding yourself accountable and motivating more effective spending habits.

Assets may include anything from cash in your checking and savings accounts to investments accounts, vehicles and real estate. Liabilities could include debt from mortgages, auto loans or credit cards that is due.

A healthy net worth can help you overcome debt, build retirement savings and reach other goals more easily. But remember that this figure is just one piece of your financial puzzle; tracking its evolution over time provides more clarity on its significance for you.

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