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Goodtimeswithscar, an established YouTube gamer and Twitch streamer who suffers from an unnamed neuromuscular condition has used oxygen therapy and requires a wheelchair to move around due to muscle wasting caused by their condition.

He adds an intimate aspect to his content by being candid about his health journey, strengthening connections with fans. Recently, Jellie, his beloved cat passed away.

Early Life and Education

Goodtimeswithscar, commonly known by his online gaming name of Minecraft content and Twitch decorations.

Scar is known for his impressive Minecraft builds that showcase his love of design and creativity. His content frequently receives positive responses from viewers who actively support him.

Born and of American descent, he used to be a high school swimmer before being diagnosed with neuromuscular disease at age 16. At 16 he required oxygen therapy due to weaker muscles; and is open about his health journey, recently unveiling an off-road wheelchair which has increased mobility.

Professional Career

Ryan, better known by his in-game name GoodTimesWithScar, has made waves in digital gaming as both a YouTuber and Minecraft content creator. His unique approach to engaging viewers on Twitch gives him more personal connection with viewers while broadening his reach and influence.

He specializes in producing tutorials on building homes of various styles, such as Craftsman and Rustic. In addition, he’s an accomplished photographer and painter – using these skills to add realism to his builds.

He’s an avid Star Wars fan who frequently discusses it on his Twitch stream and even showcases a lightsaber he owns. Additionally, he loves Disney theme park design and often applies this knowledge in his Minecraft builds.

Achievement and Honors

GoodTimesWithScar has established himself in the gaming community with his wide following on YouTube and Twitch. Additionally, his Instagram presence boasts personal moments and updates from him.

Erich is known for creating large and intricate builds in Hermitcraft seasons 4 through 6, in particular his attention-grabbing structures with impressive architectural details and his talent as a terraformer.

Jellie was a frequent presence in Scar’s videos and streams, inspiring the Minecraft cat mob skin. Unfortunately, Jellie passed away in 2024 and Scar offered condolences to fans online before creating a tribute video in her memory. Additionally, Scar uses an off-road vehicle called Not a Wheelchair to travel and enjoy nature more freely.

Personal Life

Goodtimeswithscar has shown incredible strength through his openness about his health journey, giving fans a deeper connection. Recently he unveiled on YouTube video his off-road wheelchair designed by fellow Youtuber JerryRigEverything which allows for increased mobility and exploration of places he couldn’t access before.

His openness has inspired countless individuals to overcome challenges and pursue success despite hardships. Additionally, he is a dedicated father and loving caretaker of Jellie (his cat). Unfortunately, Jellie passed away in January 2024, but that did not stop his family from moving forward and continuing their journey together and inspiring others along their journey – much like how he himself continues creating and streaming content that proves hard work pays off.

Net Worth

Goodtimeswithscar goes beyond online fan engagement to demonstrate its dedication to making an impactful difference in others’ lives. This initiative speaks volumes.

Goodtimeswithscar’s life path number is two, which indicates his motivation comes from creating harmony among relationships and community building. Furthermore, being an empath allows him to tap into other people’s emotions easily and pick up on any subtle signals about what’s going on around him.

Goodtimeswithscar has proven his worth despite health challenges by being an active presence on social media and enjoying an outstanding career in gaming. His contributions have opened numerous doors for him in gaming; therefore his fans can anticipate an exciting future for this star.

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