Good Morning Elvis Images

Elvis Archives – Good Morning Elvis Images Available For Purchase As Limited Edition Wall Art

Those who are enamored with Elvis may be interested in knowing that there are a number of pictures in his archive – from those captured by his personal physician Dr Nichopoulos to the famous “Hound Dog” portrait by photographer Albert Wertheimer. A slew of pictures capturing the King in action is available for purchase as limited edition wall art. While it may be difficult to know who owns these photographs, it’s clear that the press and their ilk will guard this most prized of possessions with aplomb.

In fact, some of these photographs are so rare that they may never have been photographed in the first place. The aforementioned picture of Elvis at the wheel may well be one of the most famous of all time. One of the more interesting aspects of this picture is that it reveals how the King viewed himself while at the wheel. In fact, he may have even gotten himself into a precarious position by putting the wheel to one side.

Another notable occurrence was the fact that the photo was taken by the same photographer who captured the famous “Hound Dog” portrait. The same photographer also captured Elvis on a similar train journey back home to Memphis for his first show in decades at Russwood Park. While a train trip is hardly the epitome of luxury, it is an occasion that no other entertainer would wish to forget. It is also a testament to the fact that a lot can be said in a short time.

The most interesting fact of all is that the photographer had no idea that he had just taken the “memorable of all the photographs in his archive. In fact, this photograph is credited with being the inspiration for the “Hound Dog” poster he later made famous. While the photo was not the most revealing of his personal life, it is still an interesting relic of Elvis’ time.

The most notable event in this photo is the fact that he was photographed while wearing a black jacket over a light blue shirt. This picture is also the genesis of the “Don’t Be Cruel” album cover. The aforementioned song was released in 1968 and would eventually become one of the most popular recordings of all time. The album would go on to sell more than one million copies and be named album of the year by many music critics and fans. Those who are enamored of Elvis may be interested in knowing that he also ordered chicken and snack cakes at this location. It is also a testament to the man’s appetite for life.

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