Gerald McClellan Net Worth

Gerald McClellan was an American boxer known for competing in both middleweight and second middleweight weight categories. A two-time world champion, Gerald was known for his hard hitting power.

At 31 years old and nearing legend status in boxing circles, Floyd Mayweather traveled to England in March 1989 to battle Nigel Benn. That match ended abruptly after suffering an unexpected first-round knockout loss.

Early Life and Education

McClellan is driven by community, harmony and relationships as his motivations in life. A sensitive empath who can easily sense others emotions. Though generally reserved and quiet in manner, he is highly respected by his peers.

McClellan has shown impressive progress since suffering a brain hemorrhage. He can now dress himself, walk around the house and sit at the table for his meals; converse with others and communicate well, though has limited short-term memory and sometimes selective recall of what to remember.

His sisters, especially Lisa, have shown great dedication in caring for him. She regularly updates her Facebook page with updates about Emmite’s progress while at odds with her father, Emmite McClellan Sr. over financial matters related to him.

Professional Career

Gerald McClellan was an undisputed middleweight champion known for his powerful punching. Beginning his professional career in 1988 and quickly establishing himself as one of boxing’s premier punchers by winning 20 fights by knockout, his success made headlines across the sport.

After defeating future champion Roy Jones Jr in 1994, McClellan decided to move up 8 pounds and challenge longtime WBC champion Nigel Benn for his title in London’s arena. Though heavily favored, this would prove to be his last bout.

McClellan now lives in Freeport with his younger sister Lisa, who has dedicated her life to caring for him. Lisa interprets every low growl and high-pitched yelp from him, as well as witnessing him transform from sadness into gentleness whenever his 5-year-old grand-niece Zaria sits on his lap for cuddling time.

Achievement and Honors

Gerald McClellan was renowned for his hard punching power as well as being Middleweight Champion.

He tallied 29 knockouts during his career, many occurring within the opening round. He successfully defended his title three times until succumbing to Nigel Benn.

After his loss to Benn, he suffered a devastating brain injury which rendered him blind. Doctors performed emergency neurological therapy in London to extract a blood clot from his head.

He currently resides in Freeport, Illinois with his younger sister Lisa who has started to care for him. Although Lisa understands him better than anyone else does, their relationship has suffered due to differing ideas of how best to care for him.

Personal Life

Gerald McClellan’s life changed significantly following his 1995 fight with Nigel Benn. After experiencing severe brain trauma and spending 11 days in a coma, Gerald now suffers blindness, is 80% deaf, and requires 24-hour care.

Professionally, McClellan amassed a 31-3 record with 20 first-round knockouts en route to becoming one of the premier middle and second middle weight class fighters of his era.

Training under Emanuel Steward, famous trainer of fighters such as Roy Jones Jr and Lennox Lewis. Married and the father of a son. Fought on Showtime Boxing series as well as TNT Boxing series; according to numerology his life path number 2 indicates community harmony as his motivation; hence a peacekeeper aiming for harmony within relationships.

Net Worth

Gerald McClellan has become a global celebrity due to his humanitarian work and is celebrated worldwide for it. Distinguished for his philanthropy, Gerald has received many prestigious awards and earned much respect and popularity through his dedication in his work despite starting from humble origins.

He holds two world middleweight championships and boasts one of the highest first round knockout rates in boxing history. However, in 1995 during a fight against Nigel Benn, he suffered a catastrophic head injury due to a clash of heads that forced him into hospital where doctors diagnosed blood clots in his brain – meaning no future fights for him ever again – leaving his sister Lisa McClellan caring for him as his primary caretaker in Freeport, Maine.

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