George Stathakopoulos

George Stathakopoulos

George Stathakopoulos is the Vice President of Corporate Information Security at Apple and oversees their security team that safeguards Apple’s corporate assets, retail stores and customer data.

Bloomberg reported earlier this week that Apple had been targeted by Chinese hackers. In a letter sent to the House and Senate commerce committees, Stathakopoulos explained that while Apple’s security systems were monitoring for such activity, nothing had been detected. He will be available to brief Congress members this week.

Early Life and Education

George Stathakopoulos is a computer expert who heads Apple’s Enterprise information security program. Prior to this role, he served as Vice President of Information Security and Corporate IT at Amazon, leading their cybersecurity team.

His new role at Apple requires him to safeguard the company’s corporate assets, retail stores and customer data. Prior to joining Apple, he served as General Manager of Product Security at Microsoft where he created programs that safeguarded their products and services.

He earned his Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Portland State University and is a certified trainer for the National Security Agency and other federal agencies. Additionally, he has published multiple papers related to technology and information security. Furthermore, he is an active member of both Association for Computing Machinery and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Professional Career

George Stathakopoulos is an information security expert with a proven record of safeguarding high-profile company assets. He currently serves as Vice President of Corporate Information Security at Apple and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Portland State University.

George has been in the security field for 15+ years and holds over 24 patents related to data protection technology, hexadecimal cryptography, and online services. As VP of CFS he is responsible for safeguarding all Apple’s digital properties such as its network and customer data while leading a team of highly-skilled security specialists. Prior to that he served 6 years as VP of Information Security & Corporate IT at Amazon.

Achievements and Honors

George Stathakopoulos is an eminent senior executive with a distinguished record in information security. He served as vice president of information security at Amazon and general manager of product security for Microsoft.

Recently, Apple appointed him as their Vice President of Corporate Information Security. This role involves safeguarding Apple’s corporate computers and data from potential threats and will report directly to Luca Maestri, their Chief Financial Officer.

Personal Life

George Stathakopoulos has extensive expertise in security. For six years, he served as Vice President of Information Security at Amazon, overseeing programs that safeguard customers and their data.

He previously served as general manager for product security at Microsoft. In his new position at Apple, he is responsible for safeguarding corporate assets and networks.

Last week, he began his new role at Apple. Reporting directly to Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer at Apple, his responsibilities include safeguarding corporate assets like computers used for product design and software development as well as customer data.

Net Worth

George Stathakopoulos has an estimated net worth of $13 million. He recently accepted a job as the Vice President of Corporate Information Security at Apple, with reports suggesting he began his new position last week.

He will report to Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri and be accountable for safeguarding corporate assets such as computers used to design products and develop software, in addition to customer data.

Prior to joining Amazon, he served as General Manager of Product Security at Microsoft. Here he oversaw all company information security programs including its global Microsoft Security Response Center and Global Security Strategy & Diplomacy teams. Furthermore, he keeps in touch with the security community through regular customer and partner engagement as well as speaking at industry and government conferences on six continents – in addition to testifying in Congress.

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