George Silva

George Silva

George de Silva was born in Matara, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). He worked for The Times of Ceylon before opening a successful law practice in Kandy.

He served in the Austrian army during World War II and was imprisoned at Stalag 17B in Krems, Austria. There, as a waist gunner, he spent ten weeks in the camp witnessing Germans shooting Jews out of hand.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Silva enjoyed a remarkable career as a mixed martial arts fighter. He earned several titles and defeated some of the top competitors worldwide.

After retiring from mixed martial arts (MMA), he pursued boxing. His impressive wins against Tito Ortiz and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. have earned him widespread recognition.

He was an accomplished artist with a knack for marine subjects and atmospheric effects. His paintings found great success among collectors, and he was proud to be part of the American Watercolor Society.

George Silva made a name for himself as a martial arts fighter and lawyer, too. His father Fred E. de Silva was an influential politician during Sri Lanka’s Donoughmore era.

Achievements and Honors

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Personal Life

George Silva was an enthusiastic member of his church and often led prayers. He was born to Sri Lankan parents on the fringes of Mackay before growing up nearby in Mackay.

He worked as a farmhand on Charles Ching’s property at Alligator Creek, 20 miles away from Mackay.

His employer was wealthy, and his salary provided enough for him to make ends meet. Furthermore, he owned his own home.

He was a loving husband and father who made many sacrifices to be with his family. Survived by his wife Kathy, daughter Kristine (Brandon) Rebiero and grandson Jack Rebiero, he will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Net Worth

George Silva is a Brazilian Association Football player born on January 7, 1986 in Ilheus, Brazil.

He plays left back for Corinthians and is a member of the Brazil national team. Although once considered a star player in the Brazilian league, his career has taken an unexpected turn recently.

Therefore, it’s difficult to calculate his net worth. However, he has earned several million dollars throughout the course of his career.

Silva has starred in countless classic films and television shows over the years, often playing villains to display his considerable talents.

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