George Satarian

George Satarian

George Satarian is a well-known entrepreneur in Niagara Falls, best known as the owner of La Hacienda restaurant. He has successfully kept this iconic eatery open and pledged to retain many long-time employees.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George was one of several unpaid alumns at the University of Buffalo who earned himself plenty of accolades and jewelry. Although he may have had to retreat into his closet in times of hardship, he never lost his enthusiasm or spirit for what he loved doing. With good fortune on his side, the universe smiled upon him when he earned himself the enviable tee-hee tee for all his efforts.

Achievements and Honors

George Satarian was an accomplished entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist. He began his career as a shipyard apprentice in 1962 and eventually rose to become President, CEO and Chairman of a company that provided marine and boat repair services.

George was a loving husband and father who sacrificed for his family. Additionally, he volunteered his time and talent for numerous organizations. For this dedication, George received numerous awards and honors.

In his final film, “Bose Wetter – Das Geheimnis der Vergangenheit,” George plays Bergbau-Baron Friedrich Turnitz. His son Leo (Matthias Koeberlin) becomes involved in discovering an elusive silver mine while grieving for his mother’s passing.

Gudrun Landgrebe stars as Ilona Turnitz, his wife. Their chemistry is palpable and their scenes together are filled with intrigue.

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