George Saiki

George Saiki, TD Bank Group Head of Innovation, Technology and Shared Services

Governor Kate Brown appointed George Saiki to head up the state Department of Human Services with a mission: to guarantee child-care providers receive fair treatment. Since then, George has collaborated with lawmakers in expanding DHS’ ability to take action against childcare providers who violate agency rules or abuse children.

Early Life and Education

Saiki was raised in Hawaii, where she attended school. As a member of the National Honor Society and recipient of numerous awards for her achievements, Saiki has achieved much success throughout life.

After graduating college, she joined the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago and helped launch its Asian American Studies Program.

She served on the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Her tenure in Congress saw her sponsor legislation that supported public education, emphasizing the need for more women and minorities to enroll in higher education.

She later served as Administrator of the Small Business Administration under President George H.W. Bush and has remained a prominent figure within Republican Party politics since her departure from office.

Professional Career

A career is the series of decisions an individual makes that affect their educational, professional, personal and social outcomes. Often these choices are guided by value systems which promote self-autonomy and rational planning.

Saiki’s career took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a disease that causes paralysis of the intestines. After discovering an herbal cure for her illness that restored her digestive system, Saiki sought out ways to make it accessible to others.

She took a course on drug development and successfully pitched her idea to SPARK, Stanford’s program that helps scientists turn promising drugs into clinically effective ones. Eventually, the Food and Drug Administration gave her approval to begin clinical trials for her drug.

Achievements and Honors

On May 17, 2016, the University of Vermont College of Medicine honored its graduating Class with Honors Night. Featured were 30 student awards, 11 faculty awards, one staff award and recognition for 17 new Gold Humanism Honor Society members.

The social studies department presented the Peter Powlison Memorial Award to a junior who best exemplifies the character, leadership and enthusiasm that former faculty member Peter Powlison so greatly admired. This award recognizes academic excellence, leadership qualities and community service accomplishments.

Saiki Saiki’s accomplishments at SPARK won over Mochly-Rosen and her advisors by demonstrating her ability to handle both scientific and bureaucratic tasks necessary to prove her drug’s efficacy. Her comprehensive grasp of these steps, similar to how one would approach playing a violin recital, helped her navigate science courses as well as her PhD program.

Personal Life

Saiki was instrumental in effecting positive changes for people throughout Hawai’i and America through her political career. She championed laws that made life better for women, Japanese Americans and small business owners alike.

She championed abortion rights and wrote Hawaii’s groundbreaking equal rights amendment, which became the first state to guarantee equal treatment for all citizens. Additionally, she established the Sex Abuse Treatment Center at Kapiolani Hospital to aid women who had been sexually abused or were victims of rape.

Saiki is an inspiring advocate for women’s rights and family values. She believes that a woman’s dedication to her family can lead her to success in any career field.

Net Worth

He is currently the Group Head, Innovation, Technology and Shared Services for TD Bank Group of the Company as well as an audit and accounting partner.

He is worth $1.9 million and resides at 2922 Manitoba Lanes in Bismarck, ND 58503-0421.

His family includes his wife, May Saiki; son Rodney Saiki (Heidi) and daughter Dr. Deborah Saiki; sisters Misako Saiki, Kinko Saiki, Yuriko Saiki and Chiyoko Eller; as well as one sister-in-law Susumo Saiki.

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