George Saiber

George Saiber

George Saiber is an attorney specializing in business and commercial litigation. He represents clients in a variety of disputes, such as employment law matters or insurance coverage disputes.

He has represented his clients in a range of complex cases before state and federal courts in New Jersey and New York. Additionally, he has assisted them in securing favorable settlements and verdicts following trials before juries.

Early Life and Education

Saiber’s education began at Columbia College. After earning his bachelor’s degree in 1950, he went to Clare College at Cambridge and earned a master’s in 1954. Returning home, he earned his PhD the following year (1955). Following this prestigious achievement, he joined the Department of Physics at Ohio State University where he served for 39 years as professor and held numerous other positions such as senior project manager and assistant dean of research. Furthermore, he was actively involved in environmental clean-ups around America while serving on the Board Directors for Columbia College Fund.

Achievements and Honors

George Saiber has achieved many remarkable things throughout his life. He is widely recognized for his scientific accomplishments and leadership within the community.

He was honored as a fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 1998, honoring those with “high impact” and whose career has been marked by sustained contributions. A member of AMS since 1971, he served as its president from 1972-1973.

He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and renowned for his work in ring theory, complex number symmetry analysis, and Lie and Jordan algebras. After teaching at the University of Pennsylvania for four decades, he published over 900 articles that made him one of the world’s foremost mathematicians.

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