George Rumpp

George Rumpp

George Rumpp is an enthusiastic model train fanatic. Together with his neighbor Terry Whalen, George hopes to form a community group and bring G gauge trains to Sun City.

Like all migrants, these characters live in a world of loneliness and alienation. This is evident when George asks Lennie if they could travel together.

Early Life and Education

On July 22, 1805, George Rumpp was born in Nurtingen, Germany to Karl Gottlob Rumpp and Christiane Magdalena Kicherer. As the oldest of eight children born to them, George would later become known as General Rumpp.

On June 12th 1828 in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, Herman C Rumpp wed Caroline Rumpp. They had four children: Herman C Rumpp, Carl Robert Rumpp, Gotthilf Rumpp and Friedrich Rumpp.

His education began at a local school, where he was taught German, Latin and English. Additionally, he completed courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

He graduated with a degree in history in 1939, going on to work as both an educator and church pastor before eventually becoming banker. Sadly, he passed away in 1984 and was buried in his native Pennsylvania where he had long been an influential member of the community.

Achievements and Honors

George Rump earned numerous awards and honors throughout his athletic career. He was a part of both Roosevelt High School’s and Cornell College’s track teams, earning 4 Drake Relays medals as well as 2 state meet gold medals during his running career.

He was also a teacher and professor at the Technical University of Berlin, publishing numerous books and articles on art history and theory of contemporary art. Additionally, he had extensive photographic skills as well as being an accomplished curator.

In 1978, Ernest A. Jones Award was bestowed upon him for his exceptional advising of undergraduate students. This award was established by a grateful parent to recognize faculty members for their dedication and service in student guidance. Each recipient receives a cash award and an engraved Mississippi Julep pewter cup in recognition of their achievement.

Personal Life

George Rumpp had an enthralling personal life. He was a kind, compassionate and loving man who enjoyed spending time with family and friends, as well as reading, writing and golfing. In addition to these passions, George also enjoyed traveling, reading books and playing the guitar.

He was a member of the Rotary Club of Gladwyne, PA and an active volunteer with the American Red Cross. Additionally, his passion for cooking extended beyond cooking meals for family and friends; he took pleasure in entertaining guests around town.

He had an infectious smile and loved being around people, especially young people. He also had a good ear for listening and had an insightful sense of humor. Additionally, his passion for learning about different cultures and languages were endless. Furthermore, he was deeply committed to his church and community as well as being a great friend and supporter of the homeless.

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