George Laney

George Laney

George Delaney was an illustrious individual. He was both a pioneer and businessman who served as postmaster of Axtell, Marshall County, Illinois.

He worked as a construction contractor and was instrumental in the building of Central Branch Railroad. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1974.

Early Life and Education

George Delaney received an excellent education during his childhood years. Later, as an educator and mentor to students through the Future Farmers of America organization, Delaney shared this knowledge with others.

He served on the school board and city council of Eldorado, as well as being a deacon at his church.

His son, David Delaney, noted his father’s emphasis on integrity and honesty when teaching students. To this end, he has established a scholarship in his father’s memory for Southern Illinois University students majoring in Agricultural Sciences at Southern Illinois University.

Delaney produced numerous public and private commissions, many of which were bronze sculptures. An accomplished expressionist artist, his works depict human, animal, mythological, and allegorical subjects with an Irish flair drawn from history, folklore and myth. His highly individualistic expressionist approach was informed both by European existentialist humanism as well as Irish influences drawn from Irish history, folklore and myth.

Professional Career

George Delaney has spent his professional career working as a senior colorist on numerous TV shows. Additionally, his artworks have been showcased in galleries and museums worldwide.

George Delaney has dedicated his career to helping clients achieve the best visuals. He believes that by combining technology with his artistic abilities, he can help clients realize their most striking visions.

George Delaney has earned numerous accolades for his work and is immensely proud of his accomplishments. He was honored by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and is a member of the Society of Cinematographers; in addition to this, he is an IFTA nominee. Despite these professional successes, George has never lost his love for photography; he continues to take photos in his free time as an amateur self-taught artist.

Achievements and Honors

George Delaney’s accomplishments in sports have earned him an array of honors. His list includes the NCAA’s Theodore Roosevelt Award and NBA Cares Ambassador Human Spirit Award, among others.

He has also been recognized for his efforts to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress (PTS) among military officials and their families. Drawing from his own experiences, he has sought to motivate United States veterans and active duty service members suffering from PTS to continue their healing journeys.

Delaney is also the Chief Operating Officer for PotashCorp, a leading global producer of potash. His passion for helping others drives him to strive to make an impact on the world through his company.

Personal Life

On November 8 2016, George Delaney passed away at Victoria Home in Ossining, NY at 76 years old. He had been a resident of Victoria Home since 2004.

George was survived by his wife, as well as a son and daughter. He and his wife enjoyed many years of golfing at Old Newbury and Ipswich Country Club in Boxford, MA.

He was an enthusiastic sportsman, enjoying competing in many sporting events. Additionally, he enjoyed building stone walls and collecting classic automobiles. A kind and loving husband, father, grandfather, friend to all, he will be missed by his friends and family alike. Additionally, he was an exemplary business leader in Westchester county; holding several elected office posts.

Net Worth

George Laney is a renowned figure in politics and diplomacy. He has served as dean of Candler School of Theology, president of Emory University, and United States ambassador to South Korea.

He holds numerous honorary degrees from colleges and universities around the world, in addition to receiving numerous awards and prizes.

He is the son of a shrimper who built an oil rig service company. He inherited it from his dad but now serves as CEO. Estimating his wealth is difficult; likely owning a substantial share in the business and having multiple investments worth several billion dollars. Could this man even be worth more than $5 billion!

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