George Kita

George Kita

George Kita is an accomplished criminal defense attorney, having successfully represented over 1000 juvenile cases. With a passion for criminal justice and an affinity for representing children accused of crimes, George has earned the trust and respect of those in the community.

He is the author of a chapter in a national legal publication titled “Juvenile Defense Strategies,” and an in-demand speaker for youth at Juvenile Courts, Camps and Probation Departments throughout Los Angeles County.

Early Life and Education

George Kita was born and raised in Justus, Pennsylvania where he learned the value of hard work and perseverance. As a teen he joined his parents’ farm as they farmed, helping them establish their business empire. Throughout his childhood years, George worked hard on their farm until retirement age where he realized his dreams.

He had an aptitude for science and art, eventually deciding to pursue a career as a botanist after attending Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa.

After graduating from college, he went on to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in botany at Iowa State. As the first African-American student at this prestigious institution, he was truly a pioneer in his field.

At law school, he interned at both California’s Attorney General’s Criminal Division and for Honorable Presiding Justice Harry Low at the Court of Appeal. Subsequently, he went into private practice where his focus is on representing youthful/first time offenders as well as criminal defense in both felony and misdemeanor cases.

Professional Career

George Kita is an experienced juvenile trial attorney with over 1000 successful cases to his credit. He has successfully represented children accused of crimes such as hate crimes, assault and battery, car theft, armed robbery, drug possession/sales, DUI, rape and molestation.

As a former Juvenile Court product, he understands the critical need for children to receive effective legal representation. That is why many of California’s top criminal defense attorneys, teachers, school administrators and members of law enforcement trust him with their children’s defense.

Achievements and Honors

George Kita is an accomplished criminal defense attorney with 27 years of expertise. He has successfully handled over 2000 felony and misdemeanor cases as well as 1000 juvenile matters.

He has represented clients with violent crimes such as hate crimes, assault and battery, carjacking, drug possession, DUI, rape, robbery and murder. Additionally, he represents children accused of theft or burglary.

He earned his law degree from the esteemed University of California Hastings College of the Law, one of the top 20 law schools in America. For his academic accomplishments, he was honored with both Rosalyn Jung and Mayor Jack Tyrell scholarships.

Personal Life

George Kita is an experienced criminal defense attorney, handling a wide range of cases. His expertise includes handling thousands of felonies and misdemeanor offenses as well as hundreds of juvenile matters.

His practice specializes in the defense of youthful/first-time offender cases. Additionally, he defends serious felonies and misdemeanors such as murder, rape, assault and battery, carjacking, DUIs and drug possession or sales.

He is a product of the Juvenile Court System, having spent time at Albert Sitton Home (now Orangewood Children’s Home). Therefore, he understands how critical it is for children to receive effective legal representation. This has driven him to dedicate himself fully to children’s rights and create his successful Juvenile Defense practice. With an impressive track record in juvenile court proceedings, you can rest assured knowing he’s the right choice to represent your child today!

Net Worth

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