George Kintanar

George Kintanar

George Kintanar had an eye for humor and was a source of strength and encouragement to those close to him.

The Philippine government is launching a marketing initiative that will utilize Filipino-American managers (Fil-Ams) to persuade American companies to outsource their back office needs to the Philippines. This plan will be executed through collaboration between the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fil-Am executives, and overseas Filipino workers.

Professional Career

George Kintanar is an expert on information technology. He serves as adviser to the Philippine House of Representatives’ committee on ICT and has previously worked as an information technology consultant in the United States. With a degree in mechanical engineering from University of California Berkeley, he has held board positions with multiple companies both locally and abroad. A popular speaker and author, George volunteers his time serving on boards for charities and philanthropic organizations while volunteering at his local hospital as well.

Personal Life

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