George Kegley

George Kegley – Roanoke Valley Community Leader and Legend

George Kegley was a beloved Roanoke Valley community leader and legend. He dedicated himself to volunteering for numerous causes that had an immense effect on many lives.

He supported many organizations and agencies, including the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation which recognizes individuals, programs and projects that promote protection and stewardship of historic, cultural and natural resources in the Roanoke Valley through education and advocacy.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood experiences have a lasting effect on a child’s physical, social and emotional growth. Fostering positive relationships and providing safe environments during these formative years is essential for healthy brain development.

George Kegley was raised in a family that valued education. After graduating from Roanoke College, he went on to serve as reporter and business editor at The Roanoke Times for 42 years until retiring.

He served on the boards of several historical societies and state agencies, as well as volunteering his time to many worthwhile causes. He was a founding member of Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation where his efforts helped protect numerous historic sites in the region. A true friend, he will be greatly missed by his many admirers and family members.

Professional Career

George Kegley spent 42 years as a reporter and business editor for the Roanoke Times, becoming an iconic member of the local historical community and one of the founders of Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation.

He was an exemplary philanthropist, donating 57 gallons of blood over 50 years. Additionally, he was well known for his efforts to preserve the Blue Ridge Parkway and other historic sites in the region.

His achievements earned him the title of honorary alumnus of the year at Roanoke College and he also received their prestigious Legacy Service Award posthumously, which his son Andy accepted on his behalf. It was an appropriate tribute to someone who epitomized a true gentleman and patriot.

Achievements and Honors

George Kegley was an iconic figure at Roanoke College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 1949 and beginning his career at The Roanoke Times and World-News that same year. A member of the Society of 1842, Kegley earned himself the Roanoke College Medal – their highest alumni honor.

He was an active volunteer with the American Red Cross, becoming the first person in Appalachia Region to donate 20 gallons of blood. Additionally, he served on boards for several local nonprofit organizations and is a passionate outdoors enthusiast.

His wife Louise has taken an important step by donating a conservation easement on their 116-acre farm near Tinker Creek in northeast Roanoke City. As a result, this area will remain green for generations to come.

Personal Life

Kegley had a distinguished career as a journalist. He spent 42 years at the Roanoke Times, serving as both business editor and managing editor of that paper.

He dedicated much of his free time to volunteering and serving his community. This included organizing summer camps and other activities for children from inner-city neighborhoods.

He was a member of the Royal Horticultural Society and an avid art collector. Additionally, he took photographs that have become iconic pieces in Roanoke Valley history.

Net Worth

George Kegley has an estimated net worth of 400,000. He earns a substantial income through his YouTube videos, Brand deals and Affiliate commissions from his work, as well as selling books and other products related to it. George’s wealth is expected to increase rapidly in the future as he continues creating YouTube videos and generate sales through them. Furthermore, George Kegley is the author of several best-selling books; he also maintains a blog and is part of Adrew W K’s band.

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