George Keene

George Keene

George Keene, originally from Crockett, Texas, intended to attend college at Texas A&M University. But the conflict in Europe caused him to reconsider his plans.

World War I hero, he earned the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions during the battle of Cantigny. Climbing onto top of a tank and turning its machine gun on enemy forces during two days of fierce combat between him and his men proved to be one of his greatest triumphs.

Early Life and Education

Keene was born on September 23, 1898 in Crockett, Houston County, Texas to a family of pioneering Texans – his parents being direct descendants of those original settlers. As an only child, his upbringing was deeply shaped by his upbringing within this legacy of excellence and accomplishment.

He had heard stories about his grandfather, Edward Y. Keene, who had taken part in the Mier Expedition and survived the Black Bean Episode in 1843.

Lawson Keene joined the Army when America entered World War I in 1917, and after completing basic training at San Antonio he was assigned to Company K of the Twenty-eighth Infantry.

He served in France for five months, earning two Silver Stars and a Distinguished Service Cross. Additionally, he received French, British, and Italian medals in recognition of his military services. Beyond these honors, his dedication to duty and leadership were recognized.

Professional Career

Keene had a distinguished professional career that included writing for radio. He created episodes of The First Nighter, an anthology show that was broadcast live on radio as though it were being staged in a theater.

He then joined Eastman Kodak Company, serving in several management positions including supervisor of a group that designed and constructed photographic systems for geosynchronous weather satellites and infrared missiles. Additionally, he created new color products for Kodak’s film division as well as designing camera obscuras – high-resolution imaging devices used to capture images from space.

Keene was an avid reader with an acute eye for detail. His stories often featured ordinary people whose lives were turned upside down by extraordinary events.

Achievements and Honors

Keene earned the Distinguished Service Cross and two Silver Stars during World War I for his service in five major engagements.

He was the most decorated American soldier of World War II and a member of the Legion of Valor. His medals and citations are displayed at Keene State College’s George R. Keene Collection in the Hall of Honor at Keene State College.

Keene achieved great success at KSC, both academically and socially. He took pride in his studies and was actively involved in many student organizations and community service projects.

Personal Life

George Keene enjoyed an active life with a strong sense of community. He enjoyed traveling, taking classes, and meeting new people in his free moments. But most of all he had an immense love affair with Charlotte Guyer whom he married in 1985 and spent much of their retirement years together.

He was a long-standing member of Shiloh Reform Church in Faith, North Carolina and also served as an active volunteer at Cheshire Medical Center for many years.

He served in World War I with Company K of the First Division and saw action throughout May and June at Cantigny, Montdidier-Noyon and Aisne-Marne. For his bravery in battle, he earned two Silver Stars and a Distinguished Service Cross.

Net Worth

George Keene was born in Crockett, Houston County, Texas and was a decorated former American soldier who earned the Distinguished Service Cross – one of the highest awards awarded during World War I.

He is a well-known social media influencer with an estimated net worth of $1 million. An avid YouTuber with an enormous following on the platform, his videos often receive millions of views.

He is a well-known figure on social media and has amassed an impressive fortune within a short amount of time. He boasts an impressive number of followers on both Instagram and Twitter.

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