George Kambadais

Ringo Award-Nominated Artist and Illustrator George Kambadais

Ringo award-nominated comic book artist and illustrator George Kambadais currently resides in Athens, GR. His clients have included DC, DYNAMITE, IDW, IMAGE, DARK HORSE, BOOM, ONI and many more.

He’s currently working on a new GARGOYLES series for DYNAMITE that will be released in 2023. Additionally, he’s creating a comic for VAULT called THE NASTY.

Early Life and Education

George Kambadais, born in Athens, Greece and renowned comic book artist, has collaborated with major companies such as DC, DYNAMITE, IDW, IMAGE, DARK HORSE, BOOM and ONI. Currently he’s working on Gargoyles and creating variant covers for DC’s The Flash series.

Graphic novel writer Shobo Coker and masterful artist George Kambadais captured my imagination with their five-issue series Buckhead, an African immigrant story about loss and identity that begins when she moves to a sleepy Pacific Northwest town. These issues can be difficult to address, but these two have enough imagination, cultural understanding, and human compassion that it all comes together – creating an otherworldly thriller that feels like there’s another dimension where you can disappear into.

Professional Career

George Kambadais is best known for his work on Dungeons and Dragons and John Carter of Mars, but he’s also responsible for some of the more daring comic book titles of recent years. Currently, he’s working on Dynamite’s Gargoyles series which blends humor with stunning design elements. Not only that but Kambadais has an appreciation of all art forms – which explains how he managed to bring cartooning alive in comic book form!

Achievements and Honors

Ringo Award-nominated artist and illustrator George Kambadais has an eye for creating stunning comic book art. His credits include DYNAMITE, IDW, IMAGE, DARK HORSE and BOOM! For DC he recently worked on JOHN CARTER OF MARS, BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT PRESENTS: RED HOOD as well as variant covers. Additionally he likes to experiment with the bizarre and wondrous; creating The Nasty for VAULT horror line.

Kambadais was eager to talk comics with us and show off his many talents by giving us a tour of his studio and answering all our burning questions about Gargoyles, the moon, and what’s in his coffee cup. If you want to catch up with Kambadais in person, follow him on Twitter for updates!

Personal Life

George Kambadais is an award-winning comic book artist and illustrator from Athens, Greece. He currently works for Dynamite Comics and Image Comics.

He’s recently done variant covers for DC Comics’ THE FLASH and is currently drawing and coloring DYNAMITE’s Gargoles. Additionally, he’s working on a new series called THE NASTY for Vault Comics.

Writer Greg Weisman, responsible for all of Gargoyles’ adventures in the Disney cartoon since its beginnings, returns with Greek master illustrator George Kambadais to introduce a new generation of fans to Gargoyles in this brand-new comic.

No matter if you’ve never watched the show or have been binge watching it all your life, this is your chance to reunite with the Manhattan Clan and see where they stand today. This series promises some exciting surprises in store, making this an adventure not to be missed!

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