George Jirout

George Jirout – A Well-Rounded Gentleman With a Gift for Service

George Jirout is a social worker based in Grand Forks, ND and employed by Grand Forks County Social Services.

He holds the LCSW designation and boasts an annual salary of $58,268 according to public records. To learn more about this Grand Forks social worker, sign up for a free profile today!

Early Life and Education

George Jirout was born in 1920 and spent his formative years living in Baltimore, Maryland with his mother and two brothers. After graduating high school in 1940, he went on to college at the University of North Dakota; eventually becoming a social worker serving the Grand Forks community.

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Professional Career

George Jirout was a remarkable individual with an eye for service. As head of Grand Forks County Social Services, his work included helping those in need with everything from crisis management to housing. But what really set George apart was his extensive travels around the world where he made lifelong friends along the way. Unfortunately, George’s short but remarkable career came to an end when cancer claimed him in August 2018. Leaving behind a son and daughter to cherish his memory forevermore, George will always remain an honorable member of his community that will never be forgotten.

Please consider making a donation in his memory.

Achievements and Honors

George Jirout, who passed away November 15, 2022, dedicated his life to honoring and caring for those around him. An outstanding student and leader of his pack at UND, George was also a social service worker who provided foster care services to many children as well as working as a crisis manager throughout his career.

Recently, he was recognized for his 55 years as a member of the Grand Forks South Forks Lions Club. In honoring this milestone, his family joined in celebrating with him.

He was also the winner of UND Phi Alpha chapter’s poster presentation for “The Amazing Race for Courage,” one of their service projects for 2017. Watch the video below to learn more about this special event.

Personal Life

George Jirout was a true social worker by profession. At work, he served as case manager and counselor to several high-profile clients. In his free time, he enjoyed being a proud grandfather and avid jogger; aside from golfing and crafting at his homebrew helmsman enclave, which he never missed playing or practicing. One of the most remarkable aspects of George’s life was the abundance of friends he had; someone who took pride in cooking well and being an excellent friend to all.

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