George Hubbard

George Hubbard

George Hubbard was a man of many talents. He enjoyed traveling, sailing and hiking as well as reading books and listening to music.

He enjoyed crafting and sharing tales about legendary heroes from the 19th and 20th centuries, often set in the Wild West of 19th and 20th century America. Additionally, he wrote several books chronicling the early years of the Texas Rangers.

Early Life and Education

Hubbard’s early life is often depicted as a visionary figure. From childhood on, he dedicated himself to working towards this end, ultimately leading him to develop Dianetics and Scientology theories.

He traveled widely, visiting many countries such as China, India and Hong Kong. An avid reader and music admirer, he experienced life from all perspectives.

Hubbard began as an atheist, but later converted to Seventh Day Adventism after attending a camp meeting led by Elder W.W. Fordham in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 1939 he wed Annette Thomas and they had six children – the eldest being L. Ron Hubbard who grew up in Helena, Montana and was born August 21, 1928.

Professional Career

Hubbard made his mark as one of the game’s iconic linemen, providing physical anchor for some of football’s most dominant defenses from 1927-1936. At six feet and 250 pounds, he was an intimidating presence on the field with the ability to run 100 yards in less than 11 seconds.

He earned All-America recognition at two small colleges – Centenary College and Geneva College – before signing with the New York Giants as a lineman. As an end, he was known for his tough “straight-head” tackles and devastating blocking ability.

Hubbard transitioned from football to umpiring in baseball and quickly earned himself a place of honor among its esteemed arbiters. In 1936, he became the only person in history to be inducted into both the Pro Football and Baseball Halls of Fames.

Achievements and Honors

Hubbard was the founder and first president of Meharry Medical College, serving in that role for forty-five years until his retirement in 1921.

Hubbard earned a degree from Morgan State University and, in addition to his academic accomplishments, was an accomplished athlete. He played football for several professional teams and served as college coach there as well.

He worked as a baseball umpire for various professional teams. His extensive experience included working in 17 states and two Canadian provinces. In addition, his photographs drew thousands of visitors to his North Carolina home. Furthermore, he dedicated much of his free time to research and writing; taking long road trips and visiting small local museums or libraries to uncover more about obscure people, places, and animals.

Personal Life

George Hubbard was an influential figure in the social sciences. His writings and publications helped shape what we now refer to as a “personal life perspective”.

His views on family and relationships were widely held, inspiring countless individuals. He saw personal life from an expansive perspective that encompassed human interaction at its most fundamental level.

He held that people should have the freedom to form meaningful connections with friends, colleagues and pets. These bonds could often be more lasting and secure than ties formed with family members.

He expressed concern that the traditional concept of family was too narrow-minded and needed to be replaced with new ideas. Through this effort, he hoped that more socially and economically diverse societies would emerge.

Net Worth

George Hubbard is one of America’s richest men, estimated to have a net worth of $2.1 billion.

He is an investor and owns shares of Simon Property Group. According to estimates, he has made multiple trades on this stock and currently possesses 378 units worth $3,490,065.

He owns shares of Blackrock Ltd Duration Income Trust and has made 62 trades of this stock since 2005, typically trading in January with 2012 being his busiest year for trading.

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