George Houghton

George Houghton

George Houghton, a Putney native, was an acclaimed photographer who documented the Civil War through his photographs. His images remain among the most poignant depictions of battle from that conflict.

Many of his panoramic views appear eerily devoid of people. Unfortunately, as with any photographic medium in its early days, the slow shutter speeds made it impossible to capture anything that moved.

Early Life and Education

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George Houghton was born in Deerfield, Massachusetts and attended the local public school until he was seven. From there, he continued on to Deerfield Academy for further academic training within the Congregationalist tradition.

He then pursued his studies of theology, earning a ThD in Lutheran theology from Concordia Seminary of St. Louis in 1986. Subsequently, he taught philosophy at Transfiguration Church in Bryant, Oklahoma.

Professional Career

George Houghton’s professional career spanned more than five decades, during which he appeared in hundreds of films and television shows. As an extra, he was featured prominently on some of the most acclaimed movies and shows of its day such as Judgment at Nuremberg, The Untouchables, and Perry Mason.

He became a renowned photographer of Civil War soldiers, creating over 400 photographs that are now owned by the Vermont Historical Society.

Houghton found great satisfaction in painting golf pictures, writing golf books and cartooning. These activities were his favorite pastimes.

Achievements and Honors

George Houghton made groundbreaking advances in both physics and climate science. As an influential figure in the founding of the International Panel on Climate Change, which he helped form, Houghton had a major impact on both fields.

He made influential advances in our understanding of the temperature and structure of the stratosphere by developing radiometers that measured infrared radiation from within the atmosphere.

Houghton dedicated his career to making the world a better place for people through improved education and healthcare. As director general of the Meteorological Office, which he helped transform into an independent organization and develop its commercial arm, Houghton founded the Hadley Centre to tackle climate-related issues.

Personal Life

George Houghton was an entrepreneur with an incredible entrepreneurial drive who ventured into several business sectors such as property development, healthcare, aviation, travel and hospitality. He began his journey at a young age and achieved financial success by the age of 30.

He amassed an immense fortune during his younger days and went on to become one of the leading property developers in Northeast England. Born with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, his success at all ventures is testament to this.

At the outbreak of war, he joined the Royal Air Force and deployed to the Middle East for a time. Following this he wrote “They Flew Through Sand”, a Western Desert diary and sketch book which proved so successful that it was reprinted in London by Sean Arnold in 1991.

Net Worth

George William Houghton is a British cartoonist and sportswriter renowned for his humorous “Golf Addict” book series. According to estimates, Houghton has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

George Henry Houghton was born in Perth, Scotland on September 9, 1905 and moved with his family to Hollywood for business reasons in 1927. As an insurance company representative, his father George Henry Houghton played an integral role in shaping George Houghton’s life and career.

He mostly featured in uncredited roles on films from 1927 until 1976 and guested on various TV series. On December 15th 2016 in Hoodsport, Washington, he passed away.

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