George Hornig

George Hornig – Venture Investor, Director and Advisor

George Hornig is an entrepreneur, investor, director and advisor to public and private companies. His expertise ranges from financial services (asset management including ETFs and mutual funds, investment banking services, insurance), manufacturing to technology applications in healthcare and cybersecurity.

He is Chairman of Xometry, an AI-driven platform for on demand manufacturing of industrial parts. Additionally, he serves as Managing Partner and Co-Founder of The Seed Lab.

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Professional Career

George Hornig is an accomplished senior operating executive, Director, Advisor and Venture Investor with extensive experience in financial services (asset management including alternative investments, ETF and mutual funds, investment banking, insurance and fintech) as well as industries such as healthcare, manufacturing outsourcing of business services, social media management cybersecurity augmented reality technologies e-waste management.

George is currently a Director at Forrester Research, Edelman (communications marketing firm), Syntax (ETF Group) and Xometry (advanced manufacturing platform). Additionally, he invests in Longsight Strategic Advisors, VNTANA (interactive hologram technologies), Bond Street (online small business lender), Trinity Cyber (advanced cyber security firm), Babiators (children’s sunglasses company) and KneesEase (health care device marketer). George also founded The Seed Lab–an early-stage venture fund–and serves on its board at Healthwell Acquisition Corp.

Achievements and Honors

George Hornig is a senior executive and business founder whose experience extends across multiple industries such as asset management, investment banking, insurance, and fin-tech. Additionally, he has held roles as venture capitalist investing in numerous early stage businesses.

He has served as Director of several mutual funds and Advisor to numerous ventures. Currently, he serves as Board Chairman for The Seed Lab, an early-stage venture fund, and co-Chairman (and Audit Chair) of Healthwell Acquisition Corp.

He has over four decades of executive and managerial experience in global financial institutions. He has held leadership positions at PineBridge Investments, Credit Suisse Asset Management and Deutsche Bank.

Personal Life

Over his career, George Hornig has held various leadership roles such as senior operating executive, Director (including Audit Committee), advisor and venture investor. He has spearheaded successful companies in financial services (asset management, ETF/mutual funds, investment banking, insurance and fin-tech), outsourcing of business services, social media management, cybersecurity initiatives, augmented reality experiences and e-waste management.

He is currently the Chairman of Xometry (XMTR), a rapidly expanding technology platform for on demand manufacturing of industrial parts where he invested as an angel investor in 2013 and helped take it public in June 2021, valued at over $3B. Additionally, he serves as Co-Chairman of Healthwell Acquisition Corp, a special purpose acquisition company seeking to acquire healthcare businesses; Director at Vaxxinity (VAXX), a vaccine development biotech; and founding member of The Seed Lab, an entrepreneur-led early stage venture fund.

Net Worth

George Hornig founded Philanthropy is Beautiful in 2003 after leaving Wall Street. Since then, the business has seen tremendous success and is often given as gifts by first ladies and other celebrities – yet Hornig never takes a salary from the brand.

In 2019, George Hornig founded Seed Lab, a venture capital firm. According to Cole, the firm raised $15 million to $20 million from high-net-worth individuals including Wall Street executives. He has extensive experience as both board chairman and director for numerous private technology-enabled companies over the past 30 years; currently serving as co-chairman and board member of Longsight Advisors as well as board members of Syntax and Lasso Partners; additionally serving as director at Daniel J. Edleman Holdings since 2016.

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