George Glooman

George Glooman

George Glooman is a student at Eden Academy and belongs to Cecile Hall. His father, the CEO of Glooman Pharmaceuticals, serves as his advisor.

One day, George is shocked to learn his father’s company has declared bankruptcy. He becomes overcome with emotion as he realizes he must leave Eden behind.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Glooman (ziyoziguruman or jojiguruman?) is a student at Eden Academy’s Cecile Hall. He stands at five feet tall with a triangle-shaped head and short black hair.

He wears the school’s uniform: a black button-up shirt with black shorts and long white crew socks.

George Glooman:

George is an INFP personality type with a Four Wing or 5w4. They’re sensitive and empathic, yet independent enough to enjoy some alone time occasionally. George sees the good in people and circumstances, making decisions based on his moral compass.

Achievements and Honors

George Glooman is a young student at Eden Academy and an active member of Cecile Hall. His triangular-shaped head and short black hair give him an attractive appearance.

His father is the CEO of Glooman Pharmaceuticals, which was recently purchased by Desmond Group and where his father had intended to close down operations.

Instead of letting his father’s business venture fail, George took matters into his own hands by plotting to have Damian expelled from Eden Academy in an effort to divert attention away from their planned closure of the company.

He intended to accomplish this by framing Damian for smoking a cigarette. To do this, he threw the cigarette butt near Damian and pretended to be punched by him, which caught the attention of a nearby teacher. Unfortunately, his plan failed; However, Anya Forger intervened to protect Damian.

Personal Life

George Glooman is a young member of Cecile Hall at Eden Academy and often struggles in school due to his gloomy nature.

Episode 19 finds George becoming increasingly furious upon hearing his father talk about how the Desmond Group has acquired their family’s pharmaceutical company. He fears that if their business goes bankrupt, his family will become homeless and he must leave Eden Academy.

He also attempts to have Damian expelled from school. To this end, he uses a cigarette butt to cause chaos during clean-up time in class. While Anya attempts to defend Damian, George accuses him of smoking and then pushes him onto the ground – only for Anya to defuse the situation and prevent Damian from getting expelled.

Net Worth

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