George Finney

George Finney – Actor, Evangelist, and CISO

George Finney is a CISO, author, speaker, professor and consultant who believes people are the answer to cybersecurity problems. He assists businesses, startups, global telecommunications firms and nonprofit organizations improve their security posture through education.

He founded Well Aware Security and served as CSO for Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, he is the author of several cybersecurity books such as Well Aware: Master the Nine Cybersecurity Habits to Secure Your Future and No More Magic Wands: Transformative Cybersecurity Change for Everyone.

Early Life and Education

George Finney was a renowned revivalist renowned for his religious campaigns. Additionally, he was an abolitionist who advocated for the equal rights of all individuals.

He developed an interest in the Bible while studying law, and later dedicated much of his free time to its study.

His fascination with the Bible eventually led him to become a pastor and eventually president of Oberlin College. Additionally, he published numerous books.

At Oberlin College, Finney worked to secure equal rights for all students and to abolish slavery. His writings had a lasting impact on religious belief systems around the world, inspiring many religious revivalists in Oberlin’s cemetery. Unfortunately, Finney passed away in 1875 at age 50 and is buried there today.

Professional Career

George Finney is the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Southern Methodist University and an award-winning author on cybersecurity topics. His expertise has allowed him to create a world-class security culture by engaging in entertaining yet informative awareness campaigns, community building activities and mentoring.

In addition to his CISO duties, he is also a certified information privacy professional and an information security systems specialist. With an enthusiasm for improving people’s cybersecurity knowledge, CISOs Connect has recognized him as one of the top CISOs in the US.

He is the proud founder of Living Security, a security firm dedicated to making people an asset rather than a liability. His website provides numerous helpful resources for organizations looking to boost their resilience against attacks.

Achievements and Honors

George Finney has achieved much in his life. His background in law and finance is evident through his work, and he is a certified cyber security professional with multiple awards to his name for his efforts.

In addition to his remarkable ministry as an evangelist, Finney also published numerous books. These works focused on revivalism and the importance of charitable endeavors.

He was a pioneering figure in American evangelism and his name still resonates today. He is credited with leading thousands to Christianity through his teachings which continue to be referenced in college and seminary classes today.

Personal Life

George Finney’s conversion experience marked a pivotal point in his life. He decided to forsake practicing law and dedicate himself solely to evangelism.

He soon obtained a license to preach from the Presbyterian Church and began traveling to western New York to lead revivals that proved popular with local residents.

At these revivals, he employed direct language and legalistic reasoning. He clearly laid out his beliefs and exhorted people to dedicate themselves to Christ.

His methods became increasingly controversial, particularly among members of the Old School who felt that Finney was weakening Calvinism to allow all to be converted. His views regarding Christian perfectionionism and sanctification led him to be labeled an antinomian.

Net Worth

George Finney is one of the most successful actors in history with a net worth of over $12 million. He’s best known for his roles in “Sir,” “The Dresser” and “Burnt Offerings.”

As a film actor, Finney has earned numerous awards throughout his career. His performance in “Sir” earned him another Oscar nomination and five Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations.

He also starred in Steven Soderbergh’s “Erin Brockovich,” co-starring Julia Roberts. This role earned him the Screen Actors Award and proved a huge hit at the box office, grossing over $110 million worldwide.

He is now a member of the Dallas Mavericks and has played for them for many years, earning an impressive salary. We expect his net worth to increase as long as he continues playing for them.

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