George Distefano

George Distefano

George Distefano spent his childhood summers on the Jersey Shore and now owns The James, a 17-key hotel in Bradley Beach. Together with Manhattan-based interior designer Sebastian Zuchowicki, they created an ultra modern bed and breakfast with an inviting vibe.

At home, he and his wife Maria Bilotta Distefano cherish their children, three dogs, as well as spending time with friends and family.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

George Distefano has been in the sports industry for three decades and currently serves as president of business operations for the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team.

He had also served as executive vice president and chief of operations for the PGA TOUR from June 2008 until joining the Rangers in 2010. His duties included working closely with corporate marketing departments to renew sponsorships and create new events.

He has extensive college experience, having held various leadership roles in football and baseball. Most notably, he served as assistant athletic director for football operations at CU-Boulder from 1987-91.

Achievements and Honors

George has had an illustrious career in higher education. He holds a bachelors degree in kinesiology from the University of Arizona and a masters degree in health administration from Duke. Additionally, George holds numerous industry positions such as Chief Marketing Officer at CU-Boulder since 2011, where he serves in several high-profile leadership capacities – most recently president and CEO of Xcel Energy Corporation. Furthermore, George sits on the boards of directors for numerous renowned companies and organizations.

Personal Life

Distefano has achieved success in his professional life, yet still finds time for family responsibilities. Together with his wife Maria, he owns two successful business ventures.

They own and operate GlasSolutions, a glass company with 28 employees located in Newburgh, Somers and Mamaroneck. The firm specializes in commercial projects.

He and Maria own Bilotta Kitchens in Ridgewood, a restaurant that has been open for 30 years. In addition to running Bilotta Kitchens, the couple holds charity events and collaborates with celebrity chefs to raise money for Friends of Karen–a local organization dedicated to supporting cancer patients–with each event raising $100,000.

Distefano loves reading and traveling to exotic locales in his free time. He also makes sure to attend his children and grandchildren’s school events and concerts as a proud papa. Survived by his children, their spouses, as well as nine grandchildren, Distefano leaves behind an enduring legacy of love and admiration for those he holds dear.

Net Worth

George Distefano is an American comedian and actor best known for his roles on MTV’s hit shows ‘Girl Code’ and ‘Guy Code’.

George is estimated to have a net worth of $45 million as of 2022, which he has amassed through his successful career as an actor and comedian.

He served as head of the University of Colorado’s athletic department for several years, helping generate significant funds for the school.

He has a wife and daughter, and they are content in their relationship. However, he has had several affairs in the past.

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