George Dillard

George Dillard

George Dillard was an exemplary labor leader who served UAW Local 15 for over four decades. He was a staunch supporter of black rights and civil rights issues alike.

In a world where politicians often distort facts on race to gain votes, Dillard sought to reach out to white people and share the full picture on race. Tragically, he passed away last year.

Early Life and Education

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Dillard’s iconic book, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, explores the connection between nature and life through vivid descriptions and metaphors. It earned Dillard the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction.

Professional Career

George Dillard was a successful businessman who built his reputation on integrity and customer service. He achieved this by purchasing underperforming stores in the south, turning them around through sound management that minimized debt and aggressive local advertising.

He also invested in centralized computer systems for inventory tracking and sales management, ultimately growing Dillard’s into a major department store chain with 350 stores across 29 states and $8.5 billion in annual sales.

He was inducted into the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame in 1999 and received the 1989 Gold Medal from the National Retail Merchants Association. Additionally, he served on the Executive Committee for both Arkansas Chamber of Commerce and United Way Boards of Directors.

Achievements and Honors

George Dillard had a lasting legacy in athletics. His four Olympic gold medals in track and field, two in 1948 at London Olympic Park and another two in 1952 in Helsinki, Finland, proved his dominance of the sport.

Furthermore, he was a three-time All-American at Vanderbilt University and inducted into their Hall of Fame. Furthermore, his philanthropic work was widely recognized.

One of Dillard’s greatest legacies is his devotion to the University of Arkansas. He helped establish the UAMS Chair for Geriatric Medicine and has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Razorback Foundation.

Personal Life

George “Doc” Dillard was an inspiring example of moral integrity, living his life with an upbeat outlook. His positive energy and unwavering optimism had a lasting effect on many lives; through his business success and selfless giving to those around him, he made a difference in the world.

Doc dedicated his life to family and God. A loving husband and father, Doc adored his children Rebecca, Tyler, Justin, Joshua and Rena with an unconditional love that could not be measured.

Dillard was born in Culpeper County, Virginia and served in the American Revolution – eventually attaining the rank of U.S. Army general. Though no definitive proof of lineage can be established, research suggests Dillard is descended from 107 immigrants transported to Virginia and recorded by Capt. Moore Fantleroy at the Virginia land patent office on May 22.

Net Worth

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Dillard’s shares hit a 52-week high Thursday after the department store chain exceeded Wall Street’s earnings expectations. However, sales in its stores open for over one year are down slightly and net income has decreased 4.8 percent from one year prior.

Dillard’s earnings come from a variety of sources, such as her reality TV gig, book sales, business ventures and the settlement she received from her former husband. Currently she’s working on her next book.

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