George Diehl

George Diehl

Geoff Diehl is a Republican candidate for Massachusetts governor and an experienced state representative and business development executive.

Diehl has received the support of President Trump, but he must still persuade many independents and moderate Republicans to come together across party lines.

Early Life and Education

George diehl rebelled against the restrictions of formal education throughout his childhood. In fourth grade, he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance and organized a boycott of music class when his classmates were made to sing Christmas music.

His brother reported that he published an alternative newspaper which criticized his school for its policies and allowed students to write without editing, according to him. When the school tried to shut it down, however, the ACLU eventually assisted in fighting its closure.

He later attended college in Antioch, California and earned a liberal arts degree. Following that he worked at Saint George, an apartment community in North Berkeley for teens and young adults; additionally, he taught at a preschool.

Professional Career

Diehl’s early career was determined by a series of events in his life. Despite his parents’ doubts that an art career could provide him with enough income, they allowed him to pursue his interest in drawing and painting.

Diehl’s breakthrough came when he sketched an image of a steamboat from National Geographic magazine. This sketch demonstrated how formal perspective could be captured on two-dimensional surfaces.

Diehl went on to earn his degree in fine arts from Cal State Hayward after studying painting with renowned Bay Area painter Mel Ramos. Through his coursework, he was exposed to an array of techniques in art and compositional theory.

Achievements and Honors

George Diehl has accomplished a great deal throughout his career. He founded an arts company and is also a well-known politician.

He was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2011 and served as Speaker. Additionally, he served on the Judiciary Committee during this time.

He is a Republican who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump and is running for governor of Massachusetts. A staunch supporter of Trump, he has pledged to challenge liberal policies in his state.

Personal Life

George Diehl’s life has been filled with challenges, yet he believes they have only served to make him stronger. He was raised in a steel town of eastern Pennsylvania where his parents divorced when he was young; these experiences shaped who he is today.

He worked to overcome that trauma, becoming an Eagle Scout and political activist. In 2010, he was elected to represent his home district in Congress; since then he has been re-elected four times.

Diehl is running for governor of Massachusetts, and he recently visited Jim Braude on Greater Boston to discuss why he’s running and the issues in the Baker administration as well as state and national GOP political questions. Additionally, Diehl discussed his campaign’s endorsement from President Donald Trump and opposition to Maura Healey’s pro-choice position.

Net Worth

Diehl boasts a net worth of $247 thousand dollars. He serves as an independent director at Hanmi Corporation.

On August 6, 2018 he purchased 4,000 units of Hanmi stock for $101,720, marking his first trade since 2018.

He used to own a big red private jet which he would use for taking friends on trips. He even flew to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver to see bands perform.

Diehl’s days are numbered now that his health is declining. He lacks the mobility he once had and is confined to his home where he undergoes physical therapy regularly. Unfortunately, Diehl’s right leg no longer functions properly, limiting him from leaving the house much anymore.

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