George Darcy

Waltham City Councilman George Darcy

George Darcy is a computer engineer and longtime Waltham resident. He was first elected to the city council in 2004 and has served Ward 3 ever since.

He is an advocate for open space and government transparency. Additionally, he has been a staunch supporter of Waltham farmland preservation and bike lanes.

Early Life and Education

George Darcy was an orphan before being sent to Tonbridge School, where he studied under Rev. James Cawthorn – one of Tonbridge School’s most notable headmasters in its history.

From there, he continued on to study medicine at Cambridge University. For five years there, he lived in a small house with six other medical students and rarely returned home to Pemberley.

He never returned to the estate, except for family holidays and brief visits with his parents. Additionally, he made several trips to London where he apprenticed as an apothecary.

Professional Career

George Darcy, a brilliant young physician in England during the Georgian Era, is one of the highest-ranking doctors in his profession. However, he feels limited by life in England and desires to further his education and practice medicine abroad.

He embarks on an incredible journey as a physician with the British East India Company, searching for meaning and purpose in life. His captivating tale offers us a captivating look into one man’s struggle to discover himself and find true love.

Achievements and Honors

Darcy’s numerous accomplishments include his leadership on the Falkland Islands, where he became its first governor and a hero. He constructed roads, draining swamps, and helping rescue refugees from tribal wars.

He served as Governor of West Falkland and played an influential role in developing Stanley, creating street lighting and building a gaol.

He was granted a small pension by the Colonial Office and passed away on October 22, 1885. His remains were interred at Stanley Cemetery. Two prominent hills in British Columbia – Mount D’Arcy and Mount Caroline – bear his name.

Personal Life

George Darcy was an ambitious physician who made the bold decision to travel to India and study medicine there. His journey is both captivating and compelling as he pursues his own quest for knowledge and freedom.

His personal life was also heavily shaped by his profession and the social mores of the day. He and Janet M. (Gould) Darcy had two children: a daughter and a son.

He served on the Waltham City Council from Ward 3 and is best known for saving an oversized sign at Glendale Liquors on Trapelo Road. Additionally, he has championed numerous open space, bicycle lanes and Wi-Fi initiatives in his district. Furthermore, he is a staunch supporter of government transparency and Waltham farmland preservation.

Net Worth

No matter his real wealth, Darcy had plenty of it. His estate Pemberley in Derbyshire proves this.

In nineteenth-century England, the landed gentry made their livings through investments. According to Austen, they received 4 or 5 percent of their yearly wealth as compensation for their property and other possessions.

Calculations of this amount range from $19,725,520 to $328,737,820 depending on how it’s calculated.

He owns a lot of land and a large house. Additionally, he has other assets such as his art collection and library. However, his income pales in comparison to the wealth that has been built through generations of family money.

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