George Daniel

George Daniel

George Daniel was an English novelist, poet, playwright and book collector born on September 16, 1789 in the United Kingdom.

He was renowned for his iconic play Doctor Bolus, which debuted at the English Opera House in 1818.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Chaknellu George Danical is an award-winning attorney specializing in commercial and corporate law with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions. He has also been requested to assist many high-net worth individuals and their families with the management of both tangible and intangible assets. George is an expert at many things, handling every aspect of his clients’ businesses from entity formation and financing to employment law and intellectual property disputes. As a true multi-talented individual, George offers comprehensive solutions for his clients. George has extensive legal experience, having handled hundreds of business and commercial transactions of varying sizes and complexity throughout his career. Furthermore, George is an accomplished estate planner specializing in multigenerational wealth transfer.

George’s professional life has been blessed with the chance to work alongside his clients on their most significant personal and business objectives, leading them to numerous remarkable successes.

Achievements and Honors

George Daniel, the drummer for indie rock band The 1975, has earned himself a following among both critics and fans alike. His drumming style has been praised by both groups alike.

He has earned a multitude of awards and recognition throughout his career, most recently earning the 2022 Queen’s New Year Honours in Film & Television.

George has been an integral part of the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) from its inception. He has spoken at several of our events and is a passionate supporter of the museum’s mission.

Personal Life

George Daniels was raised in dire poverty by a family that often abandoned him, yet he found his calling early and kept at it. Through his passion for timepieces, George turned it into an important part of his life; becoming both an esteemed horologist and owner of George’s Music Room in Chicago.

He founded an influential independent music store that remains essential to many major and independent artists today. Additionally, he is a renowned philanthropist who has served on the boards of several charitable organizations.

Net Worth

Drummer George Daniel has an estimated net worth of $74 Million. This wealth has been amassed through his career as a professional drummer.

He is a member of the indie rock band The 1975 and has performed with them at festivals such as Lollapalooza and Coachella.

He tends to keep his personal life private on social media, though he has been linked to many celebrities and often seen together. He has yet to disclose the names of his parents or any other details about them either, nor have his fans commented on any romantic photos posted by fans online. Assumingly single and currently without a significant other, this could be because he prefers keeping his private life private.

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