George Burtwell II

George Burtwell II

George Burtwell was a prominent member of the Tidewater gentry and Virginia Delegate during the Constitution-ratifying days. He moved from Carter’s Grove on the James River up to Frederick County (later separated into Clarke County) with the wave of primogeniture refugees that followed them.

He inherited 5,500 acres patented originally by his grandfather Robert “King” Carter as part of a 50,212 acres patent obtained in 1730.

Early Life and Education

George Burtwell was born in 1859 to William Burtwell and Amelia Rosetta Burtwell (nee Mason). On September 15th of that same year he wed Elizabeth Burtwell at their marriage venue in Wilmington.

He was a proud husband and father to three, as well as an active member in his community who ensured everyone had everything they needed. Always willing to lend a helping hand, he would even go so far as to buy veterans breakfast out of kindness!

He had a passion for technology, and one of his favorite pastimes was watching YouTube videos about cars, motorcycles and anything with wheels. Additionally, he enjoyed tinkering with his car and taking it out on the track. Additionally, his love of military service never wavered; whether that meant helping out fellow veterans with their vehicles or simply offering them a smile, he was always willing to lend a helping hand.

Professional Career

George Burwell is a renowned professional known for his accomplishments in the legal field. He served as a top lawyer and pioneered reform and modernization of national security laws.

He is a prominent member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and has worked to reform and enhance law enforcement practices. Additionally, his efforts have been directed toward preventing and prosecuting acts of terrorism.

His early career began as an associate attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and eventually transitioned into counterterrorism law. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in law and Master of Science in legal studies, along with a certificate in business management. A member of both the American Bar Association and private practice law firms, he also has extensive legal experience.

Achievements and Honors

George Burwell had an illustrious and successful career in theater, earning honors from both the Kennedy Center and sharing the Pulitzer Prize for “Fiorello!” He was nominated numerous times for Tony Awards as well.

Over his career, he earned numerous other distinctions and honorary doctorates from universities. Additionally, he is a member of both the National Society of Playwrights and International Dramatists Society.

George spent his younger years living on the family farm at Kaimata in Inglewood, Taranaki with his siblings Albert and Harry. Upon the passing of his mother, George inherited her share of the farm.

Personal Life

George Burtwell was a hardworking man who loved to help others. He always found time for his family and friends.

He was an enthusiastic tinkerer, particularly interested in working on cars. Additionally, his sense of humor was second to none and he never missed an opportunity to make people smile.

George enjoyed fishing and boating in his free time. Additionally, he was active within his community by helping those with car repairs.

His personal papers, which include correspondence, financial and legal documents, business letters and genealogical materials are housed in The Southern Historical Collection at The Wilson Library at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Net Worth

George Burtwell II was a renowned professional baseball player in the Victoria, Calgary, Moose Jaw, North Battleford and Kamloops leagues who passed away in December at 88 years of age. Survived by his wife Jessica Burtwell; sons Colin and Brandon Burtwell; mother Deborah Burtwell (Redman); brothers Cheddar Bob Burtwell and Beaux Burtwell; nieces & nephews; along with many friends and family members he left behind; in lieu of flowers please donate to either Port Huron Firefighters Association or Canadian Cancer Society.

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