George Brackets

George Brackets

As many of you are aware, high-school holiday basketball tournaments are underway. This year’s George Long bracket features an impressive field, with South County and Washington-Liberty likely to advance to the championship game.

Presidents Bush and Obama made their brackets public earlier in March, but both have since been exposed.

Early Life and Education

George Brackets was an enslaved child of the late 1800s era who managed to attend one of few affluent black schools in his state despite his meager means. His impressive list of academic accomplishments include both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. But perhaps most notably, George is remembered for his unflagging zest for life despite serving briefly in the military as a reserve officer; it was during this period that he first encountered his female coworker’s attractive breasts during a high stakes poker match.

Professional Career

George has been a professional basketball player for five seasons, currently representing the Los Angeles Clippers and considered one of the league’s top players.

He has also won an Olympic gold medal with Team USA.

George has been in the NBA since 2010, being selected 10th overall by the Pacers in 2010. As a rookie, George earned NBA All-Rookie Second Team honors.

In his first season with the Pacers, George averaged 27.2 points per game and led the Eastern Conference in scoring. Additionally, he earned his first All-Star selection while helping them win 11 of 13 games and make their first playoff appearance in six years.

Achievements and Honors

George Bracket, Class of 1868, is one of Horace Mann’s most illustrious alumni. He was a member of the Presidents Circle and founding board member of the Alumni Association as well as one of three alumni to receive the Award for Distinguished Achievement in 1991.

On October 30th, Horace Mann alumni and members of the Presidents Circle gathered for an award-giving reception and dinner to recognize outstanding professional accomplishment and positive impact on others’ lives.

This year’s two distinguished recipients were Hans Bar ’58, the first African-American president of Harvard University, and John Blinken ’85, former United States Ambassador to Hungary. These men have achieved success through leadership positions in investment banking, education, arts patronage and government service.

Personal Life

George Bracket was an illustrious and accomplished philanthropist who made a lasting impact on society. In 1904, he established the Boston School for Social Workers – affiliated with Harvard University and Simmons College – which would become one of the foremost schools for social workers around the country.

As a member of several renowned academic societies and clubs such as Freemasons, Linnean Society, Roxburghe Club and Royal Society, he became an authority on literature’s history. Additionally, he held various positions at Harvard and Simmons College.

He was an acclaimed musician and songwriter, having influenced many artists including The Beatles. He is credited with writing many iconic songs such as “A Hard Day’s Night.” Tragically, he passed away in 2002 at 83 years old; his passing was reported by The New York Times.

Net Worth

George brackets is an renowned philanthropist who generously donates to numerous organizations. Recently, he joined BetterHelp in donating $3 million to reduce mental health stigma and provide free therapy sessions.

He owns a substantial real estate portfolio, co-owns the Seattle Kraken NHL team, and is behind an ambitious new development in Quincy. Additionally, he holds substantial equity in a hedge fund.

His wealth estimates are subject to change, making it impossible to accurately determine his net worth. Nevertheless, he is one of Boston’s most successful philanthropists and has had a lasting effect on the region. He serves as an inspiring example of how smart investors can use their resources for good in their community.

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