Geechi Gotti Net Worth

Geechi Gotti Net Worth has become a notable name in battle rap thanks to his talent and hard work, garnering him considerable acclaim and respect from followers across all corners.

Geechi is well known for battling, as well as his music releases through Ruin Your Day and MAFIA Entertainment, having recently dropped an unexpected album release in 2020.

Early Life and Education

Geechi Gotti is an American rapper best known for his combat rap music. His best-known tracks are “Gangbangaz,” “Blue Skies” and “How It Goes.” Geechi has amassed an extensive following via his geechi_gotti Instagram account.

He has received multiple accolades, such as being named Champion of the Year 2021 and is part of URLTV’s Proving Grounds league.

Geechi Gotti was not born into wealth but his parents nonetheless managed to provide him with an outstanding education. Today he serves as an inspiration to young people worldwide and stands as an icon within society – with thousands of fans from all around the globe following him everywhere he goes.

Professional Career

Geechi Gotti is an American rapper with an immense social media following; over 60,000 followers follow his geechi_gotti Instagram account alone! Furthermore, he is well known for his musical career having released multiple albums over time.

Geechi has managed to overcome his childhood issues to forge an impressive professional career. Beginning as a professional rapper and eventually performing alongside other artists. Also participating in battle league competitions and winning various championships.

Geechi is a worldwide celebrity who has come a long way. He serves as an example to his followers and provides guidance when needed. Geechi is married and has children, keeping his private life out of the spotlight.

Achievement and Honors

Geechi Gotti is an esteemed rapper who has made great strides in his career through hard work and commitment to his goals. He serves as an example to others seeking success in their lives.

Starting his career in early 2010s as a battle rapper, he quickly rose to become well-known within the hip hop community and won multiple awards for his songs and raps.

Geechi Gotti has won three consecutive URLTV and KOTD Rap Battle championships, and boasts 53 battles under his belt versus some of the finest artists worldwide, such as DNA, Eazy the Block Captain, Loaded Lux, Tsu Surf Rum Nitty and Arsonal da Rebel.

Personal Life

Geechi Gotti was born on 23rd June 1988 in the USA. This popular fight rapper marks his birthday around International Widows Day each year. Geechi has Cancer as his sun sign and stands 6’3.

Geechi has two children but prefers to keep the identity of his partner(s) under wraps. By 2020, he had entered into a committed relationship with an unknown sweetheart after their romance made waves during Geechi’s IG Live with Pharma Funeral; on Christmas Eve he proposed!

Geechi Gotti has chosen 9 as their life path number; this symbolizes their constant pursuit to satisfy an insatiable thirst for knowledge and expansion. Therefore, 2022 could bring changes such as moving to a different location, ending a previous relationship or even giving birth.

Net Worth

Geechi Gotti has become an esteemed personality on the Internet, drawing in visitors from various corners of the globe. A hardworking individual, Geechi has managed to build up an excellent reputation thanks to his efforts.

He is both an accomplished rapper and entrepreneur. Through his website he sells his hoodies and other merchandise. Furthermore, he has collaborated with brands to produce music videos.

Geechi has recorded several songs with some of the top artists in the industry and his distinctive rhyming pattern set him apart from other rappers. Three times he has won Champion of the Year honors; considered a legend within battle rap scene. Additionally he has made appearances in movies and television shows.

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