Funny Things To Get Arrested For

Funny Things to Get Arrested For

When it comes to funny things to get arrested for, there are plenty to choose from. It’s not just Pop-Tarts that have landed people in jail. From an 88-year-old woman kicking footballs at the graves of her favorite celebrities to a high schooler eating steak in a fancy restaurant, there are countless ways to end up behind bars.

Luckily, there are some smart ways to avoid going to jail, such as checking your phone, using your car’s emergency handbrake, and taking a shower instead of a bath. Of course, there are those that deserve to be punished, as well. Some of them were too embarrassed to speak up. Others, such as a 12-year-old girl opening presents at Christmas, are too young to know better.

Similarly, a man in Afghanistan reconstructed a statue of St. Peter after he was destroyed by a gang of miscreants. Apparently, he had learned about the “abstracting electricity” craze from a friend, and decided to show off. It ended up resulting in his arrest for a felony.

There is also a case for the aforementioned porta-potty-stuck-in-the-door-meets-sex-esplosion. Another was a lady with a small breast who was on the side of a sidewalk in New York City. The sex-related incident was actually caused by a construction crew.

However, the biggest joke of all was the fact that a female police officer was in the building to question her. A male officer, on the other hand, was in the building to ask about her alleged misdemeanor. The only clue as to what was going on was a woman’s sex-related smudge on her face.

The next time you hear about a man being thrown out of a club, you may want to think twice. Not only are you at risk of being hit by a member of the same group of miscreants, but you can be charged with felony assault with bodily injury. Then again, that’s not such a hard crime to get out of.

The same can’t be said for a silly, petty crime. In Lake County, Florida, for example, a homeless woman was arrested for a vulgar dance in front of a bus. She was released on bond, but the story didn’t end there. Afterward, the bus driver spent five hours being a butt-of-a-joke.

In other instances, the best pranks didn’t make it onto the official list. A couple of friends set out to hide toys all over the neighborhood. One of them found a box of adult toys. The other made the mistake of showing off his latest fad, a set of fake teeth. But, it was all in good fun.

There are a few more that deserve to be on your must-read list. The list of funniest things to get arrested for is long, but it’s worth a look. Some of the most ridiculous examples have been thankfully overshadowed by more serious, more consequential ones. And, while it’s certainly true that you should take responsibility for your actions, the justice system is too often stacked against the average person.

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